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  1. New to the Brotherhood

    Hello from Georgia
  2. New kilt and sporran

    Lookin' sharp
  3. OCR & kilts

    A picture of me enjoying the post race activities at the Carolina Beast this past weekend. Does anyone else do OCR with or without a kilt. I don my sports kilt after the race but I did met a gentleman that wore his kilt during the 13 miles of fun.
  4. WDW Kilted

    Why not? Just remind them of Scrooge McDuck.
  5. ID #

    I've used the discount. Just email the seller and provide your member number. If buying from the Scotweb, Kevin has a link to their website with the discount.
  6. new kilts

    I love mine. It totally turned me on to utility kilts.
  7. Sgian Dubh Ramblings...........

    Some non-edged ones are useful...stay thirsty my friends.
  8. cleaning and keeping up the pleats

    Clean it when it gets dirty and clean it according to the material. I generally hand wash. If the pleats need serious pressing I have the dry cleaners press them.
  9. ID #

    Look under your profile and you'll find your member number. I'm 647.
  10. New here

    Welcome from Georgia
  11. Been a while

    Lookin' sharp.
  12. Excellent. Welcome from Georgia
  13. Newbie

    Hello from Georgia!
  14. New guy

    Hello from Georgia