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  1. SirHaggis

    Newly kilted in florida

    Hello from Georgia.
  2. SirHaggis

    Any Kilt Nights Out There?

    Anyone know the details of the Atlanta group?
  3. No sticker, card or whatever received.
  4. SirHaggis

    From Utah

    Hello from Georgia
  5. SirHaggis

    Holistic Health...

    Thousands of was blood letting
  6. SirHaggis

    Greetings from a first timer...

    Agreed. Dress for the occasion. One point of the kilt is comfort so your shoes should be too. Here I'm sporting hiking boots for hiking Cumberland island.
  7. SirHaggis

    UT kilts

    There is a Brotherhood discount. That should help.
  8. SirHaggis

    Greetings from Ohio

    Greetings from Georgia.
  9. Working as usual at the hospital Working at home helping my son get his 69 Mustang on the road Planning his Eagle Scout Court of Honor next month Trying to get licensed in Texas so I can work even more Kilted when I can His car:
  10. SirHaggis

    Newbie from U.K

    Hello from Georgia
  11. SirHaggis

    Burns Day 2018

  12. SirHaggis

    Howdy Y'all

    Hello from Georgia. I've used the BoK discount and that his more than covered the membership dues.
  13. SirHaggis

    Year in a kilt

  14. SirHaggis

    New to the site

    USA Kilts has videos on measuring someone for a kilt. I have kilts from The Scottish Lion, USA Kilts, UTkilts, and Sports Kilts. I like them all for different reasons.
  15. SirHaggis

    New to the Brotherhood

    Hello from Georgia
  16. SirHaggis

    New kilt and sporran

    Lookin' sharp
  17. SirHaggis

    OCR & kilts

    A picture of me enjoying the post race activities at the Carolina Beast this past weekend. Does anyone else do OCR with or without a kilt. I don my sports kilt after the race but I did met a gentleman that wore his kilt during the 13 miles of fun.
  18. SirHaggis

    WDW Kilted

    Why not? Just remind them of Scrooge McDuck.
  19. SirHaggis

    ID #

    I've used the discount. Just email the seller and provide your member number. If buying from the Scotweb, Kevin has a link to their website with the discount.
  20. SirHaggis

    new kilts

    I love mine. It totally turned me on to utility kilts.