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  1. SirHaggis

    Sgian Dubh Ramblings...........

    Some non-edged ones are useful...stay thirsty my friends.
  2. SirHaggis

    cleaning and keeping up the pleats

    Clean it when it gets dirty and clean it according to the material. I generally hand wash. If the pleats need serious pressing I have the dry cleaners press them.
  3. SirHaggis

    ID #

    Look under your profile and you'll find your member number. I'm 647.
  4. SirHaggis

    New here

    Welcome from Georgia
  5. SirHaggis

    Been a while

    Lookin' sharp.
  6. Excellent. Welcome from Georgia
  7. SirHaggis


    Hello from Georgia!
  8. SirHaggis

    New guy

    Hello from Georgia
  9. SirHaggis

    Back again

    Busy. Our 15 yr old has the wife and I running all over the place. We'll need a vacation from his summer vacation. The beginning of the month was to Huntsville for space camp. Last week we visited Annapolis since he wants to go to the Naval Academy. This week is the Boy Scout National Jamboree.
  10. SirHaggis

    Highland Games Outfit

  11. SirHaggis

    New to the Brotherhood

    Hey, I'm near Columbus, GA.
  12. SirHaggis

    FINALLY joining the kilted world!

    Welcome to....FREEDOM!
  13. SirHaggis

    A bit late, I admit...

    Now I have to go back and watch it again.
  14. SirHaggis


    Hello from Georgia
  15. SirHaggis

    New Tartan

    Inspired by our own Scottish Wildcat tartan designer, I've visited Scotweb and started playing on their tartan design page. Since there is no definitive Brewster tartan, I came up with this. Using my life journey from a high school dropout to an emergency room physician, I have Marine Corps and university colors over the base black. I like it. What do y'all think?
  16. SirHaggis

    got my first kilt this week

    Very good. I have two Sports Kilts. One standard I wear after Spartan races or hiking and a comfort one for lounging around in. I also purchased a third one for my son. Here we are after this year's Fort Benning Spartan Sprint.
  17. SirHaggis

    Hello all

    Welcome from Georgia.
  18. SirHaggis

    Stop by the shop today

    Looks like it is next to the Leatherneck pattern.
  19. SirHaggis

    Hello, fellows!

    Welcome. I'm in Columbus, GA.
  20. SirHaggis

    Good Morning from Texas

    Excellent. Hello from Columbus GA
  21. SirHaggis

    Hello, fellows!

    Welcome from Columbus, GA.
  22. SirHaggis

    Dress set

  23. SirHaggis

    I suppose I should introduce myself...

    Hello from Georgia