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  1. SirHaggis

    Bring on 2017!!

    Happy New Year! I had to work but no one died. Good start to the year.
  2. SirHaggis

    Did I miss a holiday?

    You should have made up a holiday. You could have had him searching google for hours.
  3. Wool kilt, utility kilt, poly kilt, etc. As long as it is a kilt, it's all good.
  4. SirHaggis

    Animal Mask Sporrans

    This isn't what you mean?
  5. SirHaggis

    Jealous much?

    Thanks brother
  6. I'm not the jealous type, usually. I usually can be quiet happy when others receive or obtain things I don't have. I enjoy other's tales of adventure or places I haven seen or visited. I have to confess to being a tad jealous of the communities with active kilted societies. Particularly with one just a couple of hours away in Dothan, Alabama. They even designed their own tartan pattern and had kilts made. Yes, I am jealous. To face this flaw in my character, I hoping to start a kilted society, celtic society, or whatever we choose to name it here in the Columbus, Georgia area. If anyone is interested, please let me know and we'll try to launch it.
  7. SirHaggis

    Your opinion?

    Number three, by the water
  8. SirHaggis

    My new piece

    I found and ordered this little beauty from Amazon. I thought I should have a edgeless alternative for places that discourage edged "weapons."
  9. SirHaggis

    Hand Knit Lovat Kilt Hose

    Lookin' good as usual.
  10. SirHaggis

    Concerning Kilt Checks

    Someone needs to do a tongue in cheek, Monty Python style, educational video of this.
  11. SirHaggis

    Cruising On The Disney Magic

    Outstanding! I wore mine on a British isle cruise. Nothing but compliments even when wearing it at Loch Ness.
  12. SirHaggis


    Yup. I've never heard a negative comment. People may think or say something negative behind my back but to my face I've received only compliments or light hearted questions know.
  13. SirHaggis

    Hello from Atlanta

    Great! I'm in Columbus.
  14. I wore my traditional wool kilt during a visit to Scotland while sporting a Chatahoochee Harley-Davidson t-shirt and brown Skechers at Falkirk & in Stirling castle and then with that brown polo in my profile picture at Loch Ness. Good times.
  15. SirHaggis

    Newbie hello!

  16. SirHaggis

    On the subject of traditional kilt-wearing theory

    Undeniable. Utility and sports kilts have truly change the concepts of kilt wear. Thompson's original "So you're going to wear a kilt" was written long before utility kilts and politely encourages traditional wear of kilts and accessories. With utility and sports kilts the concepts are evolving. Living things change and for the kilt to live on as a practical garment choice the concepts of appropriate wear must change too or it will become just a museum piece.
  17. SirHaggis

    September Caption Contest - ENTER FOR FREE!!!

    And the winner is...(drum roll)...
  18. SirHaggis

    Box pleats and smiling faces

    Well, the few kilts I have are knife pleats. The style that has caught my attention lately is a military roll from Lady Chrystel. I would love to see and touch one up close.
  19. SirHaggis

    What is your Favorite kilt accessory?

    A skunk sporran I made. My wife hates it so it seems less daylight than before and it needs a glass eye. One fell out. Then again, I might put a black leather eye patch on it. Skunk pirate sporran...I like it.
  20. Working in an emergency department, a pediatric ED, kilts are not practical. Good luck.