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  1. thedapperdead

    Badger Sporran

    I specialise in full mask sporrans - look up The Dapper Dead and see what you think I know this post was a while ago though so hopefully you got something good!
  2. thedapperdead

    Pin for the Royal Naval Association Tartan

    That's stunning!! As a member of the RNR, I feel I need something like this in my life!!
  3. Not sure how many of you are in Aberdeenshire (if any!) but there's an event happening at Castle Fraser this weekend called Game of Clans. I'm heading along with some sporrans and it looks like it'll be a great event - there are people there giving talks on tartan history, weapons displays, birds of prey etc. Maybe see some of you there if anyone's in the area
  4. thedapperdead

    Sgain Dubhs: Quality is Key!

    Have to recommend Cutthroat Australia. They make absolutely beautiful stuff and I know they're releasing a range of Sgian Dubh very soon as Aidan has been asking me all sorts of questions on them!! His work is to die for
  5. thedapperdead

    Animal Mask Sporrans

    Too cute - he just looks miffed haha!
  6. No way! I have a friend who is OBSESSED with wildcats, I'll have to buy him some tartan for xmas!!
  7. thedapperdead

    Full Mask Sporrans

    Just a quick post to say I've got some full mask (and non masked) sporrans available in my store just now. All animals are either roadkill, ethically sourced from zoos or were shot as food by local gamekeepers. Have a look if you fancy
  8. thedapperdead

    Animal Mask Sporrans

    I know this is a really old post but I can't resist... So you're perfectly happy to have leather and wool from animals that have been kept in captivity, some in horrendous conditions, driven to slaughter and possibly killed in the most inhumane environments imaginable...but shooting an animal quickly and humanely in the wild where it's lived a totally free and natural life is considered cruel? I think you're a little confused
  9. thedapperdead

    Newbie hello!

    For the ones with heavy enough heads the weight keeps them shut. For the smaller lighter ones I use magnets if needed
  10. thedapperdead

    Newbie hello!

    Thanks guys
  11. thedapperdead

    What is your Favorite kilt accessory?

    Full mask sporrans all the way! But I also love an interesting kilt pin, can really finish an outift.
  12. thedapperdead

    Newbie hello!

    Hi all! I just joined up today as I came across this site whilst shopping for cantle makers. I live in the Highlands of Scotland and I make full mask and traditional style sporrans for a living! I'm also a vegetarian so all of my fur and leather is sourced from roadkill, deceased zoo animals and vintage shops. When I'm not sporran making I'm generally with one of the many animals and I also shoot weddings with my boyfriend who is a pro photographer. So how I have the time to be on here I don't really know... Anyway just joined because I love seeing how everyone wears their kilts around the world - the variations even here in Scotland are huge. Looking forward to saying hi to everyone
  13. thedapperdead

    Sporran Cantle Order

    Hi Lythgoe, are you still selling cantles? I'm in need of some!