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  1. Dick Ackerman

    Newly Kilted in NH

    Belated welcome from another NH kilt wearer.
  2. Dick Ackerman

    Boston Boy In A Kilt

    Welcome from north of the border. Gilford New Hampshire to be exact.
  3. Dick Ackerman

    Who Is Doing What This Weekend?

    Just the usual, Moving mountains of snow around. Dick Ackerman
  4. Dick Ackerman

    Happy Birthday Dick Ackerman

    Thank you. Dick Ackerman
  5. Dick Ackerman

    Any Thoughts On Tilley Hats

    I have a LTM6 in Olive and a T3 in a light Tan. I very rarely go outdoors without one of the two on. They both look good with my kilts or anything else for that matter. And they have a lifetime warranty and appear to last forever. Dick Ackerman
  6. Dick Ackerman

    Everyone Welcome My Assistant Brittany

    Hi Brittany. Welcome from New Hampshire. Dick Ackerman
  7. Dick Ackerman

    Kilted in Maine

    I have not tried Buck's yet. It sounds like I should. My wife is a total fiber nut. She knits, spins, weaves, sews and does all kinds of other needle craft stuff so the trips to Halcyon put her in seventh heaven. I may get to the games this year as they don't conflict with the Common Ground Fair for the first time in many years. As to kilt nights I'm really not sure what is going on around NH as I am kind of out of the loop for some reason. Wear Your Kilt With Pride Dick Ackerman
  8. Dick Ackerman

    Kilted in Maine

    Welcome from your neighbor to the west. (New Hampshire). We stop in Bath several times a year to visit Halcyon Yarns and also the Beal Street Smoke House. Dick Ackerman
  9. Dick Ackerman

    Just a quick hello

    Doc: Yes I do. The url is http://www.geocities.com/rdackerm
  10. Dick Ackerman

    Just a quick hello

    I would like to take a Moment to say hello to all of you here. As a few of you may know I am kind of an old timer to kilt wearing. I just found this forum and though I would stick my head in the door and see what was going on. It looks like a good group here. Dick Ackerman