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  1. got my first kilt this week

    kilts look nice
  2. Kiltie from London

    very nice kilt - welcome to you
  3. I received my first Sport kilt this week in the mail - I haven't wore it out yet - but I really like it - Its really light weight - I'm not sure how snug to put it on - I may feel more secure in it with a belt - I don't want to wear it too tight but I felt like someone could easily pull it off without a belt - I also wasn't sure about tucking in my shirt with it - I really didn't like the feel but I probably had the kilt on too tight with it being velcro - I was worried it may to too short but its actually just right - I ordered it with pockets then changed my mind and called them and cancelled the pockets - my true waist size was 39 and the large size they sell go up to size 38 so I called them and they told me to order a large and they would let it out one inch - the customer service was fantastic - they probably thought I was nuts I kept calling and emailing them with questions - but that's the problem when you cant get to the actual store and see everything in person and actually talk with someone about it - so now I'm a member of the kilted community.
  4. New to the Brotherhood

    Thanks to all for the welcome and advice - I appreciate it
  5. New to the Brotherhood

    I actually like that Indiana tartan - I wanted something with a lot of blue in it
  6. Hello all I'm new here to the Brotherhood - I live in Indianapolis Indiana - I actually don't even have a kilt yet - but I am buying one within the next couple of weeks - I'm thinking about getting a sport kilt to start with - I'm having a hard time deciding on a tartan and the size - I'm tall 6'4" - so I'm kinda struggling on deciding what to get - I don't want to look foolish or not like what I get - but I'm going to order one and see what happens - looking forward to being on this site and joining the kilt movement.
  7. Greetings from Indianapolis!

    I'm from Indy also - just joined today - was glad to see someone from Indy on here - that's pretty cool you got your brother-in-law to wear a kilt