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  1. khouji

    Suggestions please, Kilt Brothers

    Just an update, I saw this dog car seat cover when I was checking several sellers online. I personally like the Hammock style so my pet can sleep comfortably. What are your thoughts on this type of product?
  2. I just need your suggestions brothers. I'm looking for a quality car seat cover, but I cannot find a good one. Can you recommend me a good brand of car seat cover that will be durable enough to withstand the scratches of dogs?
  3. By the way, what happened to the other members? Are they not active anymore?
  4. khouji

    Tartan Tuesday 3rd Anniversary

    Looking good, everyone
  5. When there will be another contest again?
  6. khouji


    Thanks for the warm welcome, TribalWolf
  7. khouji


    Hi guys! I'm Khouji. My grandfather was from Scotland. When my grandfather was alive he always wears kilts, which I found funny. But when he died and I grew older, I understood everything that the tradition mustn't change because it represents where you came from. I'm very much interested in Kilts nowadays especially that I have kids now which I need to pass to them the tradition of wearing kilts.