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  1. Kilted Texan needs a pint! Thanks for the update, KT.
  2. Nor am I. Still waiting on my Kiltology book after a few years.
  3. Maybe one of the mods has had contact with him?
  4. Same query. Any more packages being shipped?
  5. Glaisne

    Hello From North Alabama

    Welcome from the highlands of Kentucky!
  6. Glaisne

    Roll Call

    The highlands of Kentucky. Coal country.
  7. Glaisne

    Two Rothco Blankets = One Kilt

    Nice work!
  8. Glaisne

    This Wyvern Sporran Rocks!

    I'll mirror the rest. You'll never go wrong with a Wyvern.
  9. Glaisne

    Greetings From Virginia

    Welcome from the highlands of Kentucky!
  10. Glaisne

    Happy Birthday Raptor

    Happy birthday, Chilli!
  11. Glaisne

    Couple More

    Awesome work for sure! Yell when you are caught up :-)
  12. Glaisne

    For A Coworker

    Awesome work!
  13. Glaisne

    Frugal Kilts Is Back In Business

    I received the email as well. He failed to answer inquiries so it's time to take the loss and write him off. I hope his practices change and he finds a profitable solution.
  14. Glaisne

    Happy Birth Day Bikeolounger

    Happy birthday!