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  1. macmanjim


    Ok. I am probably on both.
  2. macmanjim


    I lost weight and will probably sell a few of mine too. Where did you get the most interest?
  3. macmanjim

    New member from SoCal

    Welcome from Arizona
  4. macmanjim

    Binging kiltled

    I don't really talk to my neighbors and they don't talk to each other that I can see. If they've seen me in a kilt, I wouldn't know, although my license plate says KILTD.
  5. macmanjim


    Lose weight or giving it up?
  6. macmanjim

    What is your current favorite kilt?

    I need to shift the buckles on a few to get a little more use out of them, but I will have to replace them in a couple months.
  7. macmanjim

    What is your current favorite kilt?

    It's just another tribe who's dynamics are set by those in charge. **** rolls downhill or as my dad would say, il pesce puzza dalla testa. There will always be a pecking order and while it makes sense on some level, it's always right. Just saying as an observer of human interactions, online and off for a long time.
  8. macmanjim

    Kilted Chronicle 4: Custom Kilt For Exericse/Hiking

    Wyvern makes a nice sporran. Someday .
  9. macmanjim

    What is your current favorite kilt?

    I go to the X Marks forum from time to time. They are a bit uptight and kilt kops, but mean well I guess. BotK is a bit different in that respect. Anyway, I have seen Barb there as well as Steve. Both do good work. There are a few others as well. Whatever I do, I'll probably keep the money in the US for the custom kilt. Eventually, I want a couple for functions, Buchanan Ancient and either Anderson or Scott Red and a knock around or two in whatever. I like black watch for that as well as Scottish National. MacBeth is nice too. Of course a utility kilt too for the serious work. I'll start when I reach my goal weight. Down 133lbs since last june 19, 19lbs to go.
  10. macmanjim

    What is your current favorite kilt?

    What is her pricing like? I was going to have USA Kilts do one for me once I reach my goal weight. The thing is, their selection of tartans from the PV isn't as good as the wool. I want Buchanan Ancient, but in PV they have muted buchanan. Similar, but not the same.
  11. macmanjim

    Kilted Chronicle 3: Wearing The Kilt All Day

    I haven't really worn the ripstop yet. It's lighter than the wool and acrylic in terms of weight, but it's isn't flappy light. It has sone structure to it. I'll know in another month. Got it on clearance and have to lose a little more weight. It's a wee tight yet.
  12. macmanjim

    Kilted Chronicle 3: Wearing The Kilt All Day

    I got my wife a sash from Sport Kilt and it's very light material. Probably would be great in the summer where I live, but you probably want a good kilt pin. I could see it flapping in a strong wind.
  13. macmanjim

    Kilted Chronicle 3: Wearing The Kilt All Day

    I live in AZ and I can tell you a lighter weight material would be welcome. I have a couple poly's from UTkilts. One is a black watch that's fairly heavy and the other is a St Patrick tartan, which is lighter. It makes a difference. The third is a wool from UT Kilts. That one is on the heavier side. I just bought a ripstop utility from UTKilts, but I have to lose a little weight for it to fit. I bought it in clearance knowing it will fit soon enough. From what I understand, Sport Kilt makes lighter stuff that works better in the heat. I imagine a 11oz wool would probably do well.
  14. macmanjim

    Kilted Chronicle 2: The First Try

    It's part of my exercise regimen. I've lost 133lbs since June 19 do Ketogenic diet. 19lbs to go.