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  1. macmanjim

    Newly Kilted in NH

    Welcome from AZ
  2. I wonder if one put a fishing weight on a blanket pin, would that work well?
  3. macmanjim

    New member from Wisconsin

    Welcome from AZ.
  4. macmanjim


    Unintelligible spam
  5. macmanjim


    Never seen a samsquamch or an ET. They leave me alone.
  6. macmanjim

    Kilted Chronicles 8: Kilted Fishing Trip

    I haven't fished in decades. My experience is limited to northern Maine and Long Island. Very different from each other.
  7. macmanjim

    Science Behind Reconciliation With Ex Girlfriend

    As long as it's keto friendly, I would give it a try.
  8. macmanjim


    Welcome from AZ.
  9. macmanjim

    New member

    I've been a member for a year and never received anything.
  10. macmanjim

    scottish festival

    Brooklyn isn't exactly near detroit.
  11. macmanjim

    Concealed Carry Holsters

    Is that an inside or outside the waistband holster?
  12. macmanjim


    Ok. I am probably on both.
  13. macmanjim


    I lost weight and will probably sell a few of mine too. Where did you get the most interest?
  14. macmanjim

    New member from SoCal

    Welcome from Arizona