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  1. macmanjim

    Hello from Arkansas, USA

    Welcome. I have relatives in the pea ridge/garfield area. Never been there though. Nice work.
  2. I belong to a scottish society where I live and we have a geneologist on staff. Maybe there is a local scottish society that has the same.
  3. macmanjim

    New Member

    Hopefully someone will chime in.
  4. macmanjim

    Any Kilt Company Available Here?

  5. macmanjim

    Any new contests coming soon?

    Not on here. Maybe the FB page.
  6. macmanjim

    Looking to profile men who wear kilts

    You'd get more action on the FB group and talk to Kevin Thompson.
  7. macmanjim

    Weight and Gain

  8. macmanjim

    Never got my pack

    I don't think any of us ever did.
  9. macmanjim

    Savannah 2019 Saint Patrick's day