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  1. I can't find anything bigger either, but I think I could use 2 pins with clutch clasps. Someone has to sell it.
  2. Congrats on the weight loss. I'm right behind you. 50lbs in 13 weeks. I will wait until I get close to my target weight to buy more kilts, at least anything expensive.
  3. It was. We joined the society. They have stuff going on every month. My wife wants to get a kilt now, a matching one to her family, which is a sept to Buchanan. I figure I'll wait until I'm down to my target weight for the family tartan.
  4. Went to my first meeting at the Caledonian Society of Arizona. We met at a micro brewery run by a Scotsman. Man, he had some strong stuff. He had two varieties of Scottish Ale. One had 8.5% ABV and the other was 12.8% ABV. Wow. Here is a link to the video of a pipers band that played there. On the way home my wife says, lets do food shopping. Sure. what difference in reception. At the meeting it was like being home. At Fry's it was like Invasion of the Body Snatchers when Donald Sutherland was converted and exposes his girlfriend as a human. I got some looks...It was my first time really out in a kilt. I was like, if they have the balls to say something, have at it. The only people to say something was at the register: The cashier, bagger and a customer. All were positive. Asked me what clan tartan I was wearing, but other people there looked at me like I had 5 foreheads.
  5. Is there DNA testing that can narrow down specific countries?
  6. My first kilt is a standard UTKilt in Black Watch. A little short, but useful. Recently, Heritage of Scotland had a sale, so I got a traditional kilt in Heritage of Scotland tartan. What a difference. Much more comfortable than the Utility Kilt. Since then, I've bought an inexpensive sporran, socks, kilt pin, belt and buckle. I have the flashes too. Tomorrow, the local scottish society is having a tasting at a local brewery that is owned by a scotsman and he makes scottish brews. I plan on wearing the setup tomorrow with my wife coming along. First outing in a kilt. I will be making some of my own kilt pins in the future as they all seem the same and I want something more...personal. Same with a sgian dubhs. It's got to be a real blade...But anyway, the one problem I've had is finding kilt hose that is big enough for one of my calves. I had 3 DVTs in one leg in 1993 and that calf is much bigger than the left one, like 21" versus 17". Does anyone make kilt hose that can stretch that much?
  7. I'm 6'5, 34" inseam and the standard UTkilt is too short and in the back too. When I sit down, it doesn't cover well. I wear it at the navelish...I just got a traditional kilt from Heritage of Scotland and that fits better and feels a lot better. two more inches in length and it just feels different. 25" would be about right for mid knee, maybe a bit more.
  9. Man, it would be so cool if they were still in business.
  10. I have that kilt in black watch. Kinda short. 25-26 would be about right for me, but live and learn. What would bother me is getting blood on the kilt. I always get blood on my when I get game. Maybe that's why a lot of the hunting tartans are darker than the standard ones of a particular tartan.
  11. Thanks Wil liam. That explains a lot.
  12. I am thinking Sportkilt maybe a good idea for AZ as it's warm. I have a standard utkilt and it's warm when it's hot out. It's also a bit short...
  13. I plan to go under hers, but I haven't bought a new kilt as I am in the process of losing weight. I don't want to buy something that will be too big in 3 months as kilts don't have a lot of play. In her case, Watt falls under Buchanan. It's a very colorful tartan. I was never in the military really. AROTC for two years and then figured out I wasn't meant for it. I didn't find a tartan design app on Scotweb, I think it was. I made something that incorporated my Irish and English ancestry, but boy, it's a fortune to have it made. I don't think my schools have Tartans (SUNY, NYU and University of Phoenix), but I'll have to look. The states I've lived do, but I haven't found somewhere that sells the AZ tartan. I'll have to look harder.
  14. I find the handles too short on the sgian dubhs that a lot of places sell. Funny thing is I bought some new knives for the kitchen and I love the paring knife. It would make a great sgian dubhs, but some would say the handle is too long, but I like the way it feels in my hand. I am not really a knife person per se, so I don't claim expertise at all, but I do appreciate quality. Might be neat is someone made a japanese style forged blade sgian dubhs. I saw Cold Steel has one. Lynn makes ok stuff. I'd want something fully functional.
  15. They're great bikes. I wish they fit me. Same with the C14.