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  1. Howdy Y'all

    I paid because I wanted to support the forum for a variety of reasons. Anyway, welcome from AZ.

    Our Burns dinner isn't until Feb 3. There are earlier ones, but travel is required. It's a big state.
  3. The Learning Curve Of Kiltmaking

    Barb has her own sub forum in X Marks the Scot and they are having a Kilt Making Bootcamp. That would probably be money well spent if you really want to learn how to make a kilt.
  4. What is your current favorite kilt?

    I have a Heritage of Scotland I am fond of, but it's about too big now. I have to move the straps. I have a Scottish National and Black Watch. I really like Black Watch, DK why. I like the Macintosh tartan too, but I'd have to say one of the sharpest tartans is Gordon Dress. I am not a Gordon, but I'd like to have a kilt in Gordon Dress. Thompson is pretty neat too. Two others I like are MacBeth modern and Rangers Dress.
  5. Christmas Eve

    It's always a fun game guessing what tartan a kilt is.
  6. Tactical Duty Kilt

    And then there is quality fade. which can happen with overseas stuff. Maybe even here too, but it's much worse elsewhere. I never understood the whole the kilt sizes are 4" off p@nt$ sizes. My p@nt$ are about where I'd wear my kilt, but I am tall and a little long torso'd. I suspect their measuring is off because of either imperial to metric conversion or just to save material or some sort of pakistani voodoo.
  7. Kilts

    I am the tallest. My brother is 6' and sisters 5'4, but they had a different father, who was Irish descent and maybe 5'8. The other thing is I was born 10 weeks premature, so I am a freak of nature in our families.
  8. Kilts

    The wool does swing better. I'm 6'5, so there's that. Funny thing though, my dad's side is Italian and he was the tallest in his family at 5'9. Uncle Carmine was 5'5, Uncle Mike 5'4 and Grandpa was 5'1, Grandma 4'11. My mom's side is mostly anglo/UK with a little french and german thrown in. She was 5'7, her dad was 6' and had a brother that was 6'3. The thing is physically, I am a much bigger version of my dad. Different chin and nose with lighter skin. Genetics is a crap shoot.
  9. Kilts

    It loosened up. I put an iron to it once. I probably should do it again. Also, I use cold water, gentle cycle. Their utility kilts should be longer, like 24” and have a little more yardage for pleats so it sits right. I’ll probably always buy stuff from Brice, but I’m interested in the utilikilt Workman or a stumptown kilt when they come out with one in 25” drop, which is due soon. When I get to my goal weight, I plan on getting something nicer in my wife’s family tartan, which is Buchanan, I like the ancient version, or Anderson or Scott, which is in my background. Maybe both. I like USA kilts or I would use Steve Ashton of freedom kilts. Some say a sportkilt is a good thing to have too, but I find them pricey for what they are, as the charge for every little thing. I was considering that too as I want to do a kilt run on st Patrick’s day. Maybe I’ll just wear the acrylic black watch I just got. I’ll be a bit heavy though.
  10. Kilts

    The utility kilts don’t seem to be as heavy as the traditional ones. It started pilling after a few months, lightly, but I’ve worn it a lot doing carpentry, plumbing and demo, so it got worse. If I get another utility kilt, I’d want a heavier fabric like what’s on the utilikilt Workman. That shouldn’t pill. The good thing is that I can put it in the wash. I usually put it in solo, unwrapped and then lay it flat to dry.
  11. Tartan Tuesday January 9th

    Sir, you are king of the kilts.
  12. Christmas Eve

    Is that Wallace?
  13. Kilts

    I have bought 3 kits from Brice. My first was a black watch standard utility kilt. It's too big for me now, but I cinch it on with a belt. It's pilled quite a bit too, but I work at home with it and it's taken it's share. I bought a Scottish National in wool on clearance. I couldn't pass it up as it was a 25" drop and I just bought an acrylic black watch to replace my utility and for other stuff. I bought my belt and two sporrans from him too. I just got a coyote sporran. Can't wait to try it out. One of these days I'll wear it to work to scare the crap out of my co-workers. They don't know I kilt.
  14. Tactical Duty Kilt

    The one is a copy of the 511. I wonder if the pakistani's look at intellectual property like the chinese do, which is to say it doesn't exist. Not one original thought comes from that side of the globe.
  15. The Learning Curve Of Kiltmaking

    Not all are. I am sure even some decent kilt makers use a machine for some things. Getting a handmade one would probably cost a lot more too. Are you a member of the X Marks the Scot forum?