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    Greetings from the Texas Panhandle

    Well, an hour or two north of phoenix and it's not so hot at all, Janet Napolitano doesn't live here anymore, and we do have constitutional carry. Texas is more authoritarian than AZ and less constitutional. That said, there is no perfect place and I doubt there ever will be. My perfect place would be weather like Santa Cruz, pro second amendment, fiscally responsible, but not socially conservative at all. Unless you're hurting someone else, stealing or killing without justification, for the most part, leave people to the themselves. Unfortunately, conservatives want to control certain aspects of people's lives, progressives other aspects. The heat does suck though. Come winter though and you forget about it. Almost. I'd like to get a place up on the rim or up Lake Mary Rd. It's 25-30 degrees cooler up there.
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    Greetings from the Texas Panhandle

    There's always AZ. There are Scottish societies here and Scottish games as well, the biggest in Phoenix. Mountains too and if you want to carry open or concealed, no license needed.
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    Ok. I'll stop. It seems fitting I guess. Kevin has done the same thing for the forum.
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    Kilt Definition

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    Hello from Arkansas, USA

    Welcome. I have relatives in the pea ridge/garfield area. Never been there though. Nice work.
  6. I belong to a scottish society where I live and we have a geneologist on staff. Maybe there is a local scottish society that has the same.
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    New Member

    Hopefully someone will chime in.
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    Any Kilt Company Available Here?

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    Any new contests coming soon?

    Not on here. Maybe the FB page.
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    Looking to profile men who wear kilts

    You'd get more action on the FB group and talk to Kevin Thompson.
  11. Any Kilt Nights Out There?
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    Weight and Gain