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  1. acrylic kilt

    I have 2 clearance wool kilts from UT kilts they got 2 me in 2 days I love them.I order 2 more acrylic kilts from them on Monday. Brotherhood of the kilt and a grey watch. Won't see them for a month to month and a 1/2.I am 5'4"os I need the L 22 1/2"
  2. New guy

    welcome from Massachusetts
  3. New to the Brotherhood

    welcome from Massachusetts
  4. New to the site

    UT Kilts has videos on measuring as well.all of my kilts are from UT kilts,I have 5 with #6 and 7 order last Monday.I got my first kilt in September of 2017.Good hunting for your first kilt.
  5. Year in a kilt

    that is cool,keep it going
  6. acrylic kilt

    I have a acrylic kilt from UT kilt, and it is a little stiff. Will it loosen up at all or will it stay stiff?
  7. New kilt and sporran

    I got my spirit of Scotland wool 13oz kilt and a Rob Roy sporran from UT kilts yesterday. Love them both
  8. ID #

    thank you
  9. BOTK Tartan

    I was on the UT Kilts sight and looking at the special order acrylic tartans, and they have the brotherhood of the kilt tartan. Am I seeing this right? I hope I am but then I need to add one more kilt to my list.
  10. WDW Kilted

    Can I wear my kilt to Walt Disney World?
  11. ID #

    thank you .if I want to buy from one of the merchant how dose it work to get the discount
  12. new kilts

    I will be getting 2 new kilts in the mail tomorrow from UT Kilts, can't wait
  13. ID #

    I singed up on Oct.6 2017 when do I get my ID #.I love this site
  14. I am new to kilts a month I have a poly-cotton blend and a wool at home.I have a poly-cotton blend and a acrylic on the way to me.How often should I clean them and how? And how do I keep the pleats nice on the different ones ? thank for the help.
  15. Length And Height Of Your Kilt

    19 1/2 and that is what I ordered the 2 I am waiting for. thank you