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  1. Elden Peterson

    Kilt pins

    where do I go to fine good kilt pins
  2. Elden Peterson

    New kilts

    After a 2 month wait I got my new kilts from UT kilts a 13oz wool Macmillan back,and 16oz wool Cambell And my sister got me a tam from the Southern Cal Rinn fair.and I got the pin for my Tam on eBay. will wear my Macmillan back to chuck for a class on the end time.
  3. Elden Peterson

    Catch KT everyday

    Kilt on my brothers and sisters
  4. Elden Peterson

    Kilted Chronicle 4: Custom Kilt For Exericse/Hiking

    I have one of his sporrans I say do it you won't be sorry.
  5. Elden Peterson

    Happy Canada - Maple Tartan

    You 2 look great love the colors
  6. Elden Peterson

    Isle of Skye part 2

    I really like the colors in it .it is sad that people do things like that to one another glad to see it you have it again.kilt on
  7. Elden Peterson


    I have 6 kilts that need a good home. All of them are from UT kilts. 3 acrylic kilts a BOTK ,GREY watch both are 38 X 22 1/2.and a Wallace 36 X 19 1/2. 2 13oz wool Gordon 35 x18 spirit of Scotland 34 x18 . Deluxe utility black 34 x 17.all are in great shape. I have been loosing some.and I need to make room for new ones.$50 a piece
  8. Elden Peterson


    Kilt tradingpost.com It is a group on Facebook
  9. Elden Peterson

    New member from SoCal

    Welcome from Massachusetts
  10. Elden Peterson


    THE BOTK is sold. I have 5 more to fine a good home for so I can get some new ones.if I have none the wife won't mad.
  11. Elden Peterson


    I lost weight, I don't need to unbuckle them and they are on the last hole and I can slide them off.I have to kilts ordered from UT kilts
  12. Elden Peterson

    Binging kiltled

    I have been wearing kilts for 10 months now,when I can.I was talking tothe lady that lives next to me and out of the blue she said that it was weird not to see me in a kilt. I had just come home from work. It made me feel good. What are your thoughts on it
  13. Elden Peterson

    Binging kiltled

    One of the best things I did was getting a sporran from wayvernleatherworks.I got a sporran belt from him as well I love it, it was worth every penny .
  14. Elden Peterson


    All of the kilts are still for sale price drop to $40
  15. Elden Peterson

    Kilted Chronicle 2: The First Try

    I like there kilts
  16. Elden Peterson

    southern Cal Ren fair

    I am going to the Southern Cal. Fen fair Sat 4-29-18. Is there anyone going to be out there.I will be in a spirit of Scotland kilt and a cream Gillies shirt.I work at this fair about 20 years ago,it will be fun to go back
  17. Elden Peterson

    USA National Tartan Day 4/6/2018

    I wore my grey watch to bible study after work
  18. Elden Peterson

    A Little Extra Warmth

    make sure you have heavy socks,you can do a sweater on top.
  19. Elden Peterson

    For sale

    I have a black UT kilt deluxe for sale it is a 34"x17".it is the first kilt I got but it is too short,I have worn it about 4 time it is in perfect shape.
  20. Elden Peterson

    From Utah

    welcome from MA
  21. Elden Peterson

    Been Kilted :)

    very nice
  22. Elden Peterson

    From Utah

    Welcome from MA
  23. Elden Peterson

    Kilt pin

    I got my new kilt pin today, it is from Scotland. Look them up ARTISANS of Scotland.they have nice stuff
  24. Elden Peterson

    Kilt pin

    It doses it was little pricey but I like having something that you don't see all the time.