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    I enjoy offroad driving as much as I do with fishing. I have a couple of set of mud tires that I use on my 4x4 just sitting in my garage. I got most of them from 4WheelOnline.
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    Simple sheath

    Nice work.
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    New to forum, old to Facebook.

    Greetings! Welcome aboard.
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    Been a while

    Looking good.
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    New Kilt Pin

    Wow, I like it.
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    New here

  7. I find it fascinating to read different preferences about wearing underwear under the kilt. I mean it's good to keep the tradition going but the side for rental has a point if it's being returned in a condition that they can't even disclose. Still, I'm not much conflicted because I'm fine with going commando.
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    New guy

    I just want to say hi to all active members here. I bought my first kilt form Kiltsociety last Tuesday before I even found this site. And now, I'm waiting for my package to arrive.