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  1. mbnude

    USA National Tartan Day 4/6/2018

    I wore a casual Royal Stewart sport kilt all day and enjoyed boiled crawfish at Rick's Crab Trap.
  2. Likewise, still nothing received here. @KT, Are you sure you sent them?
  3. I paid for an annual membership in November of last year. I have not received any membership materials. Have you stopped the benefits and sending the materials?
  4. mbnude

    Greetings from a first timer...

    Welcome aboard. I'm pretty new at kilts myself. I live in a flip-flop kind of town and haven't had an opportunity to dress up for anything in quite a while. That said, I go barefoot everywhere whether in a kilt or not. I only have a sport kilt and a utility kilt so far.
  5. mbnude

    Greetings from Louisiana

    Um. OK, I - an even newer member - will jump on the bandwagon and welcome a year-old introduction to the forum C'mon back Toastie! Here's hoping you still fit in your kilts after all that good southern cookin' (and eatin').
  6. mbnude

    Year in a kilt

    That is very cool! Young minds need to understand true diversity and learn how not to need "safe spaces".
  7. mbnude

    Recently Enlightened

    Thank you, Oh great Wisecracker! It's been a week for me in a kilt in the Redneck Riviera with nary a negative comment. Even the local yocals have given me positive comments. So I ordered a UT Kilt and look forward to all its pockets. I'm thinking I need some alternatives so I'm not wearing the same kilt every day, but dad gummit, here I am buying clothes again ! At least it'll be kilts from now on P.S. Is there any real $ benefit to membership here? I donated, but I've only seen a bunch of dead links so far . . . Not a big worry for me, but just wondering?
  8. mbnude

    Non Celt Kilt wearers

    Growing up, we were told we were Scots/Irish. Decades later, I got interested in tracing the Boyd line back to Scotland. I was only able to go back 4 or 5 generations (I'd have to double check) in the USA before losing the trail. I assume that happened when we crossed the pond. About the same distance on the maternal sides, so I'm going with "Not close - 3 to 5 generations". I took one of those DNA tests a couple of years ago, but haven't yet learned the lingo required to decipher the results. The summary says I'm British Isles: 39%, West and Central Europe: 34%, Scandinavia: 20%, Southeast Europe: 7%. I got interested in kilts when I began doing the research. But this is the first year I've actually bought and worn a kilt. Lovin' it so far!
  9. mbnude

    Year in a kilt

    That sounds like a great experience! I hope to have as good a story to relate at my 1-year milestone (364 days to go )
  10. mbnude

    Recently Enlightened

    The only rocks around here are imported and hot surfaces don't bother me anymore. I would probably not go barefoot all the time in AZ, though. Not with all those tire-piercing goad head burrs! (Or was that in the Mojave Desert - or both?)
  11. Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving to all! I've been kilt-curious for long time and was "Recently Enlightened" I bought a Sport Kilt and wore it out & about for the first time yesterday. Totally casual with a long-sleeve t-shirt and barefoot (I am always barefoot). I went to Sam's Club, Wal-Mart, and Winn-Dixie and, while there were a few double-takes, no negative comments or sneers. In fact as I was going back to my car, a lady shouted "I love your kilt - My husband is Scottish". That made my day and I expect to wear it when ever I go into town. I guess I'll need to get a couple more kilts, though. If all goes well, I hope to connect the dots across the pond with Clan Boyd and eventually get a formal outfit.