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  1. Year in a kilt

    That is very cool! Young minds need to understand true diversity and learn how not to need "safe spaces".
  2. Recently Enlightened

    Thank you, Oh great Wisecracker! It's been a week for me in a kilt in the Redneck Riviera with nary a negative comment. Even the local yocals have given me positive comments. So I ordered a UT Kilt and look forward to all its pockets. I'm thinking I need some alternatives so I'm not wearing the same kilt every day, but dad gummit, here I am buying clothes again ! At least it'll be kilts from now on P.S. Is there any real $ benefit to membership here? I donated, but I've only seen a bunch of dead links so far . . . Not a big worry for me, but just wondering?
  3. Year in a kilt

    That sounds like a great experience! I hope to have as good a story to relate at my 1-year milestone (364 days to go )
  4. Recently Enlightened

    The only rocks around here are imported and hot surfaces don't bother me anymore. I would probably not go barefoot all the time in AZ, though. Not with all those tire-piercing goad head burrs! (Or was that in the Mojave Desert - or both?)
  5. Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving to all! I've been kilt-curious for long time and was "Recently Enlightened" I bought a Sport Kilt and wore it out & about for the first time yesterday. Totally casual with a long-sleeve t-shirt and barefoot (I am always barefoot). I went to Sam's Club, Wal-Mart, and Winn-Dixie and, while there were a few double-takes, no negative comments or sneers. In fact as I was going back to my car, a lady shouted "I love your kilt - My husband is Scottish". That made my day and I expect to wear it when ever I go into town. I guess I'll need to get a couple more kilts, though. If all goes well, I hope to connect the dots across the pond with Clan Boyd and eventually get a formal outfit.