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  1. KiltedYaksman

    Kilted Chronicles 7: Kilted Daily

    Yes I agree. I have a tartan utility kilt, was not sure about the fabric performing very well. From my tests doing a workout, it could have been better. The plain coloured utility kilts seem to be made from cotton, rather than poly viscose, which I presumed would be more comfortable.
  2. Hey everyone, a friend sent this to me in case I was interested in seeing the bands since I'm learning pipes right now. Here's something that may interest some of you, especially any Canadians living in Ontario. The City of Orillia is recognising it's Scottish heritage by having an official tartan recognised. The effort is being lead by a few locals but I don't know much more about it. Official Orillia Tartan Pattern As far as I can tell, it is not available for kilts, however the site does mention other items featuring the tartan will be made available. Orillia is very nice, by the way. I remember having a tough time playing their hockey teams as a youth. Orillia Scottish Festival
  3. KiltedYaksman


    Hello Franz you're on the right website.
  4. KiltedYaksman

    Kilted Chronicles 7: Kilted Daily

    Well it's been at least a month since I first stocked my closet with a few kilts. I've been wearing them every day in preference of p@nt$. There are a few upcoming activities that I would like to take the kilt through: Kayaking, hiking and fishing. There is just no end to the usefulness of the garment. It looks like the kilt is in my wardrobe to stay. I'll probably end up hiking first, so I'll be sure to include photos of hiking gear. Typically, I would wear cargo p@nt$, but I tend to not put anything other than paper in my cargo pockets. With the kilt on, some type of vest or backpack will be required. I'm sure I'll be comfortable while I do it. Have a kilted day.
  5. KiltedYaksman

    What is your current favorite kilt?

    Having to buy new clothes is part of the reward of losing weight (or gaining it, if you're a skinny guy trying to bulk up!)
  6. KiltedYaksman

    4 th of July

    Happy America Day
  7. KiltedYaksman

    Happy Canada - Maple Tartan

    Those are all nice tartans. I like that the wild cat one is dedicated to an animal. My dog stayed inside!
  8. KiltedYaksman

    Happy Canada - Maple Tartan

    Nice! This is probably my favourite tartan, it really does remind me of Canada's changing leaf colours in the fall. Hope you had a good evening, I did a bit of a fireworks show.
  9. KiltedYaksman

    Happy Canada - Maple Tartan

    It's Canada Day today, so I'm flying the old Red Ensign and wearing the Maple tartan kilt that I have. It's a lighter polyviscose with a velcro waist that I purchased with the intention of using it for outdoors and athletic activities, but it looks quite nice. Photos are from when I first purchased.
  10. KiltedYaksman

    Kilted Chronicles 6: Athletic Kilt First Try

    This one was better than the standard tartan utility kilt that I tried before from UT. Definitely trying the sportkilt next.
  11. KiltedYaksman

    A Military Hunting Stewart joins my collection

    Looks great. I was just admiring this tartan yesterday, wondering how it would look as a kilt and there it is. Nice effect of the yellow and red on the pleats, and an interesting find. Perhaps the mystery label enhances the mystique.
  12. In a previous post, I reviewed the UTkilts Utility Kilt (tartan). I decided that it was a pretty decent exercise garment, and the kilt's superior air flow and comfort really transferred over. My chief complaint, however, was the stiff waist band and slightly unbreathable acrylic fabric (it was a tartan utility kilt, I think some of the others are available in cotton). So I decided to invest in another garment experiment and ordered an athletic kilt also from UT, although in the future I might try Sport kilt. Well, it was very comfortable, and the kilt has two pockets, which I didn't use, but I suppose you could stash an mp3 player or something in there. The waistband was much better and since it was full velcro, it was adjustable from exercise to exercise. You might hate velcro, but in this application it seems to work. Perhaps you can change my mind, I'm not a huge fan of velcro. As an ex soldier, I can tell you that velcro peeling off at night will give away your position for miles. It's just what it is I can't say it's not entirely useless stuff! This allowed me to hike it up an inch or lower it when I was seated in different positions doing incline bench presses, or bent over rows, for example. Most of the exercises were performed with a decent amount of modesty, although I don't recommend jogging to your local park to do sit ups and pull ups in the jungle gym. I would recommend this kilt to anyone looking to practise for highland games, or if you just want to feel like a highland badass while lifting weights in your basement. You won't feel terribly like a highlander in the plain black colour, but it is kind of badass looking in black.
  13. KiltedYaksman

    Binging kiltled

    That's just her way of saying you look good.
  14. KiltedYaksman

    Any Kilt Nights Out There?

    Nice. Hope you guys had a good evening.
  15. KiltedYaksman

    Any Kilt Nights Out There?

    I will catch up with you fine folks at the next gathering. Band practise moved from Wednesday to Tuesday night this week. Otherwise, I would not miss! Enjoy.