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  1. Grumpybear74

    Help Making A "special" Sporran

    I think working with one of the Aliengear shells and then riveting it into a sporran might be a good option. I do some leather work and might try this with my G43 with the TLR-6.
  2. Thanks for the replies.
  3. I have a new kilt coming that is the MacLaren ancient tartan. What is the best shoe/boot and sock pairing for this tartan? Is this something done by trial and error? Thanks for helping a newbie.
  4. Grumpybear74

    FNG from Ohio

    I have since started playing the bagpipes with the Sheriff's office. I have Scottish, Irish and German heritage (yes, I'm a mutt). I have my uniform from the SO that consists of a kilt. I have since purchased a less formal kilt to wear.