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  1. Matt Parks


    Welcome from SoCal.
  2. Matt Parks

    New member

    Sorry if this has been covered but I didn't see any recently posted info on new memberships. I joined 6/22/18 and was wondering if I'll be receiving anything in the mail? Membership card, sticker etc? I know KT is a busy guy so I don't really care if it takes awhile, just wondering. Thx
  3. Matt Parks

    Independence Day kilt

    My American Legacy tartan kilt from UT Kilts on the 4th of July in SoCal.
  4. Matt Parks

    Kilted Chronicles 6: Athletic Kilt First Try

    Cool, I was considering getting one. I've been working out in Sport Kilts for a couple years now and they're great. The hiking kilts especially, they're basically made out of board short fabric. I may add the UT one to the collection.
  5. Matt Parks

    New member from SoCal

    I've been on the FB group for a little while but I finally became a paid member. Just wanted to officially be part of the group. My name is Matt and I'm in LA county California.