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  1. PaulZilla

    Celtic Warrior Kilts - Do Not Buy!

    ask and you shall recieve!! like clockwork mates. Gary does good work, just from my viewing on here. I currently do not own any of his fine products, but thats a story for another time.. Hope all is well bro.
  2. PaulZilla

    What Is A Numpty?

    well. now ive heard it all.
  3. Theres rumor the team that didnt get to come to OK is coming to AR. one can only hope. Id go to every home game.
  4. PaulZilla

    Halloween Shenanigans?

    I worked.. and ordered my birthday present. my new guitar.
  5. PaulZilla

    Can Not Find What I Need

    Hobby Lobby sells em. for "fashion" students and designers.. or just use Chicago-Screws and make it yourself. just an idea.
  6. PaulZilla

    Happy Birthday Chris Webb

    happy bday T' ya'!
  7. PaulZilla

    Dip And Snuff Spoon

    quite the concept.
  8. PaulZilla

    Happy Birthday Paulzilla

    thanks for the wishes folks.. a little late I know. I havent really been myself the last few weeks. been fliped every which way at work, schedule wise and position. I did enjoy my birthday(even though I was working), I got myself a new guitar.
  9. sounds like a good place to visit in T-town.. i'll visit there eventually.. once i regain my vacation at work. be a nice motorcycle ride from here.
  10. PaulZilla

    Is This Too Much?

    I Dig that.. like really. thats amazing. Could you upholster a motorcycle seat?
  11. PaulZilla

    Quinn Made Me Proud This Morning

    now thats a good kid. me, ill never be able to wear mine to work. and rarely get a chance to on off days(cause they are few and far between)
  12. PaulZilla

    October 2010 Caption Contest

    "I think we need to find a bigger fish"
  13. PaulZilla

    Money Is No Object

    Im the same way. I tell guys at work. BUY GOOD COMFORTABLE BOOTS(you spend12+hours a day in em). So I buy very comfortable fitted work boots. maybe 2 pair a year. but well worth the money when you work on your feet in any kind of enviroment ya can imagine. If money was just no object. a hand forged Damascus steel Claymore with green emerald "dragon eyes" on the handle.
  14. PaulZilla

    3 Years, 7 Months And 14 Days

    HOOAH!! hell yea man
  15. PaulZilla

    Why Did You Join Botk

    just felt like the right thing to do. all she wrote!