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    Weight and Gain

    I took our body weight scale out to weigh myself. After stepping on the scale I pulled in my stomach, to which my wife reacted, "You know that doesn't help at all." I told her, "Sure it does, now I can see the numbers."
  2. TonyTonga

    A Blind Dilemma

    I slept with a blind woman the other night. It went pretty well, mostly.. Once the kilt came off she said to me, "You have the biggest dick I have ever laid my hands on." I said, "Stop pulling my leg." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope you enjoyed the joke, fellas. By the way, new guy here as well. I'm usually found at home, feeding my Pomeranian with some treats and watching TV with my wife. And when we're not indoors, we would play catch in our backyard with our dog (though we had to secure one of those petsafe Stay+Play wireless dog fence, just so he wouldn’t stray far from our yard. Our neighbor had a weak wooden partition, and we once had an argument when the poor fella ended up on his lawn). Such a simple, yet, happy life. Cheers!
  3. TonyTonga

    A Blind Dilemma

    There's more where that came from, John.