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    New.... But Not... Las Vegas Lion!

  2. Captain Karrot

    New cantles

    These are bad-ass! I don't know that I'd wear them for a formal situation, but day to day? Heck yeah!
  3. Captain Karrot

    Well, that was unnecessary ...

    I would have started with "How are you going to explain to all your friends that a dude in a skirt kicked your ass?", then proceeded to whittle him down more with sharp verbal attacks that he was certainly unable to defend. Your restraint is to be lauded.
  4. Captain Karrot

    Greetings from Indianapolis!

    Hello and welcome from Columbus, OH! I've traveled to Indianapolis for work and other things, and have worn my kilt there several times. I wouldn't expect any problems.
  5. Captain Karrot

    From Nottingham England

    Welcome from Columbus, Ohio!
  6. Captain Karrot

    Today is the first day of the rest of my life

    Welcome from Columbus, Ohio!
  7. Captain Karrot

    What is your Favorite kilt accessory?

    My sgain dub made by Eric Herring from wood from the USS Constitution. So cool
  8. Captain Karrot

    My Nephew's Wedding

    Looking good!!!
  9. Captain Karrot

    September Caption Contest - ENTER FOR FREE!!!

    It is always harder to identify the correct cockpit when the pilot is wearing a kilt.
  10. Captain Karrot

    What is your current favorite kilt?

    I'd say my go-to is my Casual Kilt in the US Navy tartan from USA Kilts. Low maintenance, machine washable, wrinkle resistant. I also wear my UTKilts gray Ultimate Modern Utility Kilt with comfort waist (built like a tank - but very comfortable. Only complaint is that it definitely needs ironing with steam and heat when you wash it). Tons of pockets, plus I had my friend's mom embroider a Celtic knot skull, which looks really cool!
  11. Captain Karrot

    August 2016 Caption Contest - Win a FREE KILT

    The blonde asked, "what is that?" "Bowling ball," the kilted man answered. The blonde replied "Does that hurt as much as tennis elbow?"
  12. Captain Karrot

    The Responsibility of an experienced kiltie

    In essence I agree with you (especially the pleats in front). However, I caution against doing this too much, and especially how we communicate these suggestions. We don't want to let ourselves be perceived as "kilt police". Remember, ultimately the Kilt is a garment, and we all have the freedom to wear it as we like. The biggest thing we need to do is support those of us who are brave enough to defy convention by going unbiforcated.
  13. Captain Karrot

    Kilts and Beer

    It's a VERY tasty beer, too!
  14. Captain Karrot

    The Rules of Wearing a Kilt with Kevin Thompson

    So obvious, so often not done. Great advice!
  15. Captain Karrot

    Still In Business

    Great to hear. The sporran you made is my go to for daily wear. Love it!
  16. Captain Karrot

    August 2016 Caption Contest - Win a FREE KILT

    The lassies all inhaled expectantly every time he threw his ball!
  17. Captain Karrot

    Summertime Kilted - Study Needed?

    I, I've been around many people while kilted in the heat, and they all say that I must be more comfortable than they are, so they recognize this as well.
  18. Captain Karrot

    Back after a long while.

    Agreed! One of my favorite sporrans was made by your brother!
  19. Howdy, all! I'm Keith, otherwise known as Captain Karrot. Been around BOTK for a while. This is the first place I found after starting my kilted journey almost 15 years ago. Since that first kilt, I've added another 25 to my collection. Member of Clan Gunn. I've had the great pleasure of meeting many fellow BOTK members, and look forward to meeting more!
  20. Captain Karrot

    Win A BOTK Kilt from Got-Kilt

    In KT we trust!
  21. Captain Karrot

    WE ARE BACK UP!!!!

    Woot woot!!!
  22. Captain Karrot

    Observation On Hypocrisy/lack Of Empathy

    It's happened to me several times as well. Usually I'm pretty good natured about it. I mean, if my flabby white ass turns them on, then more power to them. However, every now and again I get fed up with it, and when they say that to me, I pointedly ask them what would their response be if I did it to them. When they say that I would get slapped as a minimum, or worse, I tell them that it makes them a hypocrite. At first they are offended by that, but usually they see it eventually. I love educating folks
  23. Captain Karrot

    Canvas Alternative To Leather Sporran Sugestion

    I've got's pretty great. Very useful and functional, while still looking great.
  24. Captain Karrot

    Pondering Something

    Never had a reason to wear either.
  25. Captain Karrot

    "traditional" Highland Dress (Kilt Cops)

    I begin this with the caveat that it is my opinion, and may or may not apply to anyone else - To me, this is not a problem. There is no "correct" unless someone is trying to meet some historical standard for a specific event. Otherwise, it is an article of clothing, and the only person to decide whether or not it's correct is you. Does it feel comfortable. Does it provide the look that you are intended, whether it be formal, casual, or anything in between. We should worry less about living up to someone else's standard, and more about what makes us happy. If someone thinks I'm wearing it incorrectly, oh well. I'm not trying to please them, nor am I forcing them to wear it my way. Having worn the kilt in multiple locations and scenarios for over 10 years, I can say that when I'm comfortable and think I look good, I carry myself in such a way almost everyone else thinks the same. And those that don't? Oh well.