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    TKN Sale and Upcoming Events

    Elijah Benitez: What is this all about?: Similar humidifiers not only favorably influence the general condition of the person, but also are strongly recommended for use in rooms with babies for whom the correct humidity of air is especially important. You save GRNGRN: UAH. Development of innovative technologies allows to create and regulate a microclimate in the apartment or the house. Dlya of this purpose uses conditioners, humidifiers, fans, ionizers, heaters and even the whole climatic complexes. Batteries of central heating and a set of the heaters designed to make the atmosphere in warm and cozy, strongly overdry air. Experts give number of optimum humidity for comfortable stay in the apartment. It has to sostavlyatprotsent. And during the winter period in our houses it is good if this indicator holds out a doprotsentny barrier. From such dryness skin spoils, often there are various diseases, become useless furniture and wall-paper. Earlier our mothers and grandmothers in hope to moisten air hanged out wet towels and sheets on the apartment. If you have an alternative offer with the best conditions, tell us and you will have two BEST offers! Channel humidifier of breezart 1000 humi aqua air of the vaporizing BreezartHumi Aqua P type is constructed on the basis of the cartridge of the material GLASdec of the Munters company (Sweden). Antonio Jimenez: Are you nuts?: Executed in design style will also fit into any design. Is suitable a thicket for office rooms. To make are faultless the choice and not to overpay for the conditioner of Ballu you can call. Also you can use free departure of team of assemblers, for preliminary estimate of cost of installation, and also selection of the conditioner of Ballu. Free conditioners of Ballu are delivered to all districts of Moscow and the Moscow region, and also to all transport companies... Excessive dampness in the house – a reason for concern of many. It causes problems in the form of an unpleasant smell, a mold on furniture, damp clothes, the damaged books and many other. It is active the air dryer will help to fight against it. For the small apartment, the private house and office it is expedient to buy household air dryers for the house and the apartment dehumidifiers, productivity by air whom makes to twenty liters a day. Distinguish several types of dehumidifiers. On a way of installation they are subdivided into mobile, wall, floor and stationary. Those dehumidifiers which differ in the mobility have the compact sizes. If desired they can be moved from one place on another without problems and difficulties. Stationary units are placed in the center of the room and cannot be moved, but their productivity rather high and 10 times more, than at mobile dehumidifiers. Today on sale three types of air dryers: combined, vaporizing condensing and rotor. Principle of operation of the rotor dehumidifier following: air passes through the rotating rotor in which the humidity in the course of the movement is absorbed – excess moisture from air which arrives is removed. Drainage of air happens constantly and naturally, despite high performance of process. The vaporizing condensing dehumidifier is a debugged system which basis the principle of channel drainage of air forms. It consists of the pretty refrigerator with the evaporator and the condenser. The evaporator serves in order that cool air, to emit from it excess moisture which is removed in the sewerage. The condenser heats air, reducing its humidity. Process proceeds until the humidity indoors does not reach the established norm. Primary feature of this processing is receiving at the exit of warm air which warms up the room. The combined air dryers combine the listed above ways of processing of air. They consist of the rotor filled with absorbent on the fiber glass carrier. Principle of their action following: air flow which needs to be drained passes through a dry part of a rotor. There also all moisture is absorbed. Rotor. Slowly rotating, provides continuous process of drainage. If temperature indoors decreases, the capacity of the dehumidifier falls. At a temperature over fifteen degrees dehumidifier ceases to perform the main function. Very important criterion on which the choice and quality of dehumidifiers depends is the level of the noise published by them. Considering that these devices have to work constantly, their noise level has to be minimum at all speeds... Jack Burke: What if I refuse?: Interested you the Diesel MASTER BVE heat gun? Vy on the right track. We are ready to offer you and as fast as possible to carry out delivery the Diesel MASTER BVE heat gun at the price of the producer. Buying the Diesel MASTER BVE heat gun in Alprom you can be sure performed by the stated opportunities, delivery time and of guarantee certificates. We carry out direct deliveries Diesel heat guns across all Russia to points of delivery, and also to doors. Kupit the Diesel MASTER BVE heat gun you can having left the order on our website or having called free number. We offer only qualitative Diesel heat guns from the checked Russian and foreign producers. Ours Diesel heat guns meets all standards and the requirements of clients. For you we will help to pick up optimum Diesel heat guns for your budget and characteristics. We recommend to order the Diesel MASTER BVE heat gun and to receive the high-quality equipment in the shortest possible time! The equipment presented in our catalog can widely be used in workshops and at the enterprises, on buildings and in life. The metal case will easily protect all internal devices and to the electrician that guarantees safe use of the equipment. Thermal the diesel Ballu bhdn-20 heat gun the gun of BALLU is equipped with a support and rubber wheels. Large diameter of wheels allows to move quickly the equipment across the territory. Thus one more important advantage of this heat gun is its mobility of use. Nicholas Mills: What makes you think?: Real website podderzhivayetbitny enciphering. Confidentiality of the given personal information is provided to ROBOKASSA. The entered information will not be provided to the third parties except for the cases provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Carrying out payments on cash cards is carried out in strict accordance with requirements of payment service providers MIR, Visa Int. and MasterCard Europe Sprl. Capacities of a veil of kW) is enough to provide a comfortable microclimate in rooms of average and big dimensions in any weather and any season. the Thermal veil of guardpro 200w WING Woborudovana veil the latest automatic equipment which is carrying out intellectual adjustment of key operation parameters of the device.
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    TKN Sale and Upcoming Events

    Diego Vasquez: What's the hold-up?: Thermal veil of BHC. SR new easily is established in horizontal position that provides uniform distribution of an air flow on all width of a doorway. Air thermal veils it is widely used in entrances to rooms, in apertures where, there is no opportunity to be fenced off from cold air in the winter or from warm in the summer. Current trends of design are reflected in thermal veils of Ballu. All models are executed in uniform style which is expressed in rounded laconic shape which easily fits into any interior of the room. Madeline McFarland: What if I refuse?: On the website of CITILINK online store we collected a good selection and the attractive prices of fan heaters of Electrolux. Fan heaters. Fan heaters Electrolux with photos, the description, technical characteristics, responses of buyers and also function of comparison of models at cost are presented in the catalog. Laura Jacobson: Are you getting the picture?: It is the device providing process of heat exchange in each room in buildings of the average and big area. To minimize risks and to buy adaptation with long service life, the choice of a fankoil needs to be carried out on the basis of calculation. This energy saving engineering equipment has to correspond to the existing standards GOST and Construction Norms and Regulations. фанкойл it is necessary to make the correct assembly of knot of a binding for effective operation of the device. In a designing process of a system it is necessary to consider specifics of rooms, their parameters, a look and thickness of external walls, the sizes of window openings. Climatic devices provide air circulation, maintain the set temperature. They are not the independent equipment, it is a part of the customized system. Works фанкойл by means of the fan and the heat exchanger which are built in it. Replaces water heating during the frosty period and conditioners in the summer, all the year round, without receding from the set comfortable temperature in all rooms. The principle of work of a fankoil has similarity to functioning of the conditioner in a Split system, but the key difference consists that as the heat carrier water or antifreeze is applied, but not the freon incapable to work at subzero temperature outside the window.