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  1. Morning Kilties, I'm CactusJack I have been around off and on from the beginning (at least according to my BOTK membership card) Not as active as I used to be but this place still holds a special meaning to me. Met and made many friends here, several who became like my own family (you all know who you are) Not as active as I used to be in the St. Louis Scottish community as I once was. Recently became a member Clan Campbell which is my clan. Not much more to say.
  2. CactusJack

    New Chapter

    Congrats on the new house
  3. CactusJack

    First Wool Kilt

    Nice looking kilt brother
  4. CactusJack

    North Houston Kilt Night Jan 9Th, 2016

    Kind of a far drive for me. Hope you all have great turn out
  5. CactusJack

    St. Andrews Day Outfit

    Looking sharp as ever Glen
  6. CactusJack

    Box-O'-Stuff Que

    This was from 2008 Be the next to get the "Box O' Stuff"! Get your name on the list. Then if you are next, PM the current box holder with your address to have it shipped to you next. Rules- 1) Take something, add something. Take two things, leave two things, etc. The magic number is 10 items, but more is ok as long as weight isn't an issue. 2) Something of equal meaning or value is recommended, but not required. 3) You are responsible for shipping to the next recipient. 4) You may put your name on the list multiple times if you wish, but pleases allow others some fun, too. 5) Try and keep weight to a minimum, as shipping can get expensive. 6) If the box ever becomes "dead", please ship back to the original owner (me!). 7) After receiving the box, do what you'd like, then post in one of the other threads the items you took, and the items you placed in it. (Not here, this is for the next in line only, please.) Posting pictures wins big points! 8) PM the next person in line for their address. Please try and keep addresses off the open forum to protect privacy. 9) Ship the box out within 5 days to the next person. For the first few stops, the box may not have 10 items. So the first few reciepients must be willing to add a few extra items if needed. The first box will have a nickname, the "Thistlebox" Last known whereabouts was back in 2011
  7. CactusJack

    Hello From Mobile!

    Well my friend we do have The Missouri Tartan Day Festivities soyoucan say it's a great state, plus it has you and me
  8. CactusJack

    Hello From Mobile!

    Welcome from The Great State of Missouri
  9. CactusJack

    Still Shuffling Along

    Good for you Tony
  10. CactusJack

    Hello From Pasadena, Ca

    Welcome from The Great State of Missouri
  11. CactusJack

    Kilts In The Future!

    I got my grandson his first kilt right after he was born. He's 3 now and I need to get him another.
  12. Welcome from The Great State of Missouri....
  13. CactusJack

    New From New Jersey

    Welcome from The Great State of Missouri