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  1. Thunderbolt

    Box-O'-Stuff Que

    Some dirtbag decided to steal everything in the last box. Said ****head hasn't been heard from again.
  2. Thunderbolt

    Suitable Cold Weather Coat?

    I have a working farm here in Central Washington State. I have a day job that is not suitable for wearing a kilt. However, most weekends and evenings I can be found in a kilt. Winter is fast a'comin'. Today, it's very windy, spitting rain, overcast and cold. I got up this morning and did my usual routine. Then, I put on my 22oz MOD Gordon kilt and went out to do the chores of feeding the animals, collecting eggs, etc. Normally, I just throw on a fleece jacket or some other coat when it's this cold. But today, I was thinking if there is a cold weather coat that would be suitable to wear with a kilt? Some type of work coat or something that would be more appropriate than a tweed jacket or something. But, less saxon, more scottish. I have several wool sweaters that would work, but they would pull at even the slightest snag. Ideas? T.
  3. Thunderbolt

    Jacket Work Needed

    Hi all, I recently got an Argyll Jacket that needs the sleeves shortened considerably. What recommendations do you have? I live in the PNW now, so someone on the west coast would be nice. I don't trust any of my local tailors to do the work. They would simply hack the cuff off and make them look horrible. Thanks, T.
  4. Thunderbolt

    Box-O'-Stuff Que

    Whatever happened to this? 4 YEARS later. T.
  5. Thunderbolt

    Great Kilts

    I am convinced that the modern interpretation of the donning of the great kilt is a bit in error. Certainly, such time and care was taken as carefully pleating, sliding the belt under, laying down carefully at the correct position, wrapping, folding, twisting and such, was undertaken for time had and occasion. However, there must have been a quick way of donning the great kilt without so much work. Maybe a quick over the shoulder and around the waist type affair? I have never know a Scot so intent on spending tens of minutes priming just to step out of a cottage. Any ideas? Links? T.
  6. Thunderbolt

    Flanagans Apple Kilt Night Oct 16

    A kilt night, on a Sunday? Now, that don't make no sense! Don't think I'll be able to make it.
  7. Hi Frank! Just stopped by to say HI!

  8. Thunderbolt

    Botk Tartan Kilts - Resolution Thread

    Well, I'm glad to see that some have reached a "resolution". I have not reached ANY resolution WHATSOEVER. As a matter of fact, I have gotten ZERO responses from Daron. Even after repeated attempts of communication. I have been screwed. Period. I (and many other)got shafted because we put our faith in a so-called brother. All I have is a huge pile of sh!t to look at. I'm pissed. My wife is pissed because I asked her if I could use a bit of our savings to pay for this kilt, and nothing to show for it. As for those who stick their noses in this business and never even ordered a kilt......piss off. You have no dog in this fight. screwed me and many others....I hope you feel great. Congratulations. You are nominated for a$$hole of the year. I don't understand your unwillingness to work with me on this. And all of this is fantastically hard to comprehend...I have heard that you are a Marine. No Marine I have EVER known would pull a scam like this. No honor whatsoever. Good day. Thunderbolt
  9. Thunderbolt

    Box-O'-Stuff Que

    I have located a name and address of where the Thistle Box was last seen. If someone is in Oklahoma, near Stroud, OK, PM me and I'll get you the contact info to call or stop by. Thunderbolt
  10. Thunderbolt

    Some Overdue Questions For Alphakilts

    I know that I, for one, have had ZERO return contact with Daron. Daron? Daron who??? I've sent several emails, and ZERO response. I guess he made good on his threat on another forum about telling people to **** off. I guess I somehow pissed him off....??? At least Raptor got a response here on the forum. Thunderbolt
  11. Thunderbolt

    Botk Tartan Kilts - Resolution Thread

    No, Daron, that isn't what will work for me. I post this on the open forum because my emails apparently aren't getting through to you, because you haven't responded to them at all. I'm not a contemporary kilt kind of fellow. I don't own one, and those who know me would probably agree that they wouldn't suit me at all. I only wear Tartan kilts. If that fabric is anything like what's in the kilt, I don't want it at all. Well, I AM upset. This isn't a happy situation, for anyone. But I, along with many others, paid good money for a product. The product delivered was not the product that was purchased. Daron is the only one who had the responsibility of making sure the product was up to standards BEFORE it was sent out. So, Pops, are you saying I should just kiss my $120+ bucks goodbye??? I have a REAL hard time with that. Thunderbolt
  12. Thunderbolt

    Box-O'-Stuff Que

    Hey....who's got the box??? Thunderbolt
  13. Thunderbolt

    Botk Tartan Kilts - Resolution Thread

    I see that Pops' kilt suffers from the same affliction as mine...the sett across the back does not match...the black and green are "pleated to nothing". The red and light blue are approximately where they should be...but not the rest. Why would such a thing been done??? I mean, if you know the red and blue stripes are supposed to be pleated to sett......why would you assume the others wouldn't matter? Shameful. Thunderbolt
  14. Thunderbolt

    Botk Tartan Kilts - Resolution Thread

    I've gotten NO response whatsoever. I've contacted Daron via email also. Feeling a bit ignored/blown-off. T.
  15. Thunderbolt

    Kilts And Boy Scouts

    IIRC, there's a long history of kilts and Scouting, in the UK anyway. I'd have to do more research to remember, maybe someone can fill in the details? Thunderbolt