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  1. Fueco

    New.... But Not... Las Vegas Lion!

    Greetings from a little closer to the home of the Broncos!
  2. Fueco

    Hello from Salt Lake

    Greetings from just the other side of the Rockies!
  3. Fueco

    Big news

  4. My name is Mike, and it's 0 degrees outside right now... I climb, hike, do endurance sports, read. I run a consignment store on Ebay. I wear kilts sometimes, and need to get it on more. I've been losing weight recently, so hopefully my 34" kilts will fit again soon... The last two movies I saw in a theater were Rogue One and The Force Awakens.
  5. "I just wanted a peek at his performance!" -Tom Brady
  6. Fueco

    Newbie hello!

    Welcome from Colorful Colorado! Nice work on the sporrans!
  7. Fueco

    Under the Kilt

    I'm with you brother... If you've ever had a wee bit of chafing "on the tip", you know that wearing underwear is a good thing...
  8. Here are a couple of shots from the dog park this afternoon.
  9. Fueco

    MEAD the first and still the best!

    There's a Meadery here in Boulder (Redstone Meadery) which is pretty darned awesome. I need to check the place out when I haven't also been to a brewery or three beforehand...
  10. So, I'm not really new to the forum, or to kilting, but it's been a long while since I've been here. I last posted in November 2012, and a whole lot has changed since then... I've moved from Sunnyvale, CA to Cupertino, CA; then on to Boulder, CO. My wife and I recently (in June 2016) bought a house here in Boulder. Recent events have made me desire to get back in the kilt... We lost our first born son within minutes of his premature birth, and I've vowed to myself not to let cultural norms get in the way of me being me. I run an Ebay consignment store, so I work from home, and am in my SportKilt Comfy kilt at least half the time. Boulder is a pretty progressive place, so there aren't really any issues wearing kilts around town. Heck, I saw a guy wearing a full dress at the bar on Saturday.
  11. The two that fit at the moment... SportKilt Comfy Kilt Utilikilt Spartan in khaki tan
  12. Fueco

    First 5K

    So, how did it go?
  13. Fueco

    Kilties In Denver?

    A bit late, but I'm 30 (ish) miles north of you. I haven't been kilted much, as I (ahem) gained enough weight that my kilts didn't fit. I just rectified this with a "new" Utilikilt purchased off of Ebay. I'm still aiming to get back into the slightly smaller size.
  14. Fueco

    Scots And Beer

    Bevmo sells Skullsplitter, at least here in Northern California.
  15. Fueco

    Breakfast Awesomeness

    During Race Across America, one of my wife's staples was Nutella and sliced bananas inside a pita. These are awesome and wicked simple. At home, it gets done with toast. Makes an awesome breakfast before rides paired with a decent cup of coffee.