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  1. Jim W.


    I don't get on here much, but want to say my prayers go out to all my Oklahoma brothers
  2. Jim W.

    Concealed Carry

    No problem at all. Unable to detact at all. Plus, when in the car or truck it sets at the ready, unable to draw from a belt holster when seat belted in. unfortunitly the company I got it from is out of business now.
  3. Jim W.

    Concealed Carry

    Thigh holster under the kilt.
  4. Jim W.

    Looking For A Tshirt

    I would like a shirt thats says. "It takes BIG balls to wear a kilt"
  5. Jim W.

    Long Past Due.

    Heather I have missed you and Gary. Sorry for all the issues you guys have been through. Jim
  6. Jim W.

    Grandson Is On His Way

    Grandkids are great. Were heading to DC to see our newest for the first time. Any pics yet Larry?
  7. Jim W.

    Prayers And Thoughts Needed

    Tough times brother. Thoughts and prayer for you and yours.
  8. Jim W.

    Getting There...

    Very proud of you Tony. Having the ambition to do it is fabulous. I dropped 25 to reach my goal. Slipped and put 5 back on. now its gone again. Even though you will be wearing a tux and not a kilt, you will look great for the wedding.
  9. Jim W.

    Don't Forget!

    aye yee maties, will see what happens at the job.
  10. Jim W.

    My Newest Tats

    The artist has several national awards. He is the best I have been too.
  11. Jim W.

    My Newest Tats

    I'm surprised the white stayed so well. In a month I will be going back for any touch up needed.
  12. Jim W.

    Ohio Renaissance Festival Highland Weekend

    We go almost every year. But this time we will be in DC seeing our new grand daughter for the first time.
  13. Jim W.

    My Newest Tats

    These show what I believe are the most important characture traits everyone should strive for. Sorry if I offend anyone. Please help me get this to post smaller. I used to be able to post easier. But not working well for me.
  14. Jim W.

    Tactical Utility Kilt By 5.11!

    Got my notice. hehehe soooooon
  15. Jim W.

    Ink'd While Kilted

    My last Tattoo 4 weeks ago I was kilted. This thursday I will be kilted again for the other one. For some reason I can't seem to get the pics to load. I'm using photobucket like I used too. But just not working.