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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!

  2. Kilted Carver

    Women Packing Heat

    I prefer my woman armed......except when I anger her! My wife sent her app. for her carry permit, so we will both be prepared.
  3. Kilted Carver

    Chattanooga Area Fundraiser

    Thanks for your kind words sir. I do know I need to post more in here, seems like when I plan on it, I see something shiny and I get distracted. I plan on getting more carving done since our yearly festival is wrapped up and I have more free time.
  4. Kilted Carver

    Chattanooga Area Fundraiser

    Thanks KT, I will let Jan know. Brandys husband, Richard Davis, is a cousin of mine through Clan Lamont. We have hung out together at different Highland Festivals. He is an accomplished musician , as is Brandy, and plays the hammered dulcimer. Check out his music at and hear his work. He is really good.
  5. Kilted Carver

    Chattanooga Area Fundraiser

    Here is the plaque I am donating ( this pics are before the stain and clear ): Thanks for looking.
  6. Kilted Carver

    Chattanooga Area Fundraiser

    This is an event for a dear friend and kilts are not only requested, but encouraged. I will be donating two items for the auction to be held, so if there are any Brothers or Sisters in the area please stop by, Thanks WHAT: FUNDRAISER FOR BRANDY DAVIS WHEN: SEPTEMBER 22, 7--9pm WHERE: FOLK SCHOOL OF CHATTANOOGA & THE WELL 1800 Rossville Avenue ADMISSION: $5 Our wonderful neighbor and friend Brandy Davis has been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). To help with medical expenses there will be a fundraiser in her honor September 22 at the Folk School of Chattanooga and The Well, both located in the 1800 block of Rossville Avenue. The portion of the event at the Folk School will feature edibles, beverages and music by both Butch Ross and Pay the Reckoning. At The Well we will have a silent auction featuring an array of wonderful items including artwork, crafts and services from local businesses. We will also have a surprise room filled with unique select items priced $5 and $10. All sales need to be paid by check or cash, no credit cards. The $5 admission will get you into all events. If you cannot attend and wish to make a donation send checks made out to Brandy Davis to Jan Chenoweth, 1781 Jefferson St., Chattanooga 37408 For more information or to donate items or money call or email Jan Chenoweth, or 243.3778. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE YOU FEEL MIGHT BE INTERESTED
  7. Kilted Carver


    Welcome to the pack bud!
  8. Kilted Carver

    Car Talk

    Yeah I heard that too......bummed!
  9. Kilted Carver

    Pride Kilted Skirt

    Fine job Jack!
  10. Kilted Carver

    Old Picture Of Me

    I would say hes the fella on the right, Mighty fine spit shine on them shoes bud.
  11. Kilted Carver

    It Is A Good Day!

    CRAP!! Its Tuesday???? I thought it was!!!
  12. Kilted Carver

    Wounded Warriors Kilt Auction

    Thanks to everyone who pitched in and made this a HUGE success: Celtic Ranger, Tactikilt, KT and to the winner TREENUTT. And thanks to everyone who bid as well, the Brotherhood ROCKS!!
  13. Kilted Carver

    Happy Birthday Amadan

    Happy Birthday T! Hope you have an awesome day!
  14. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Cool kilt an "wood" dude!
  15. Kilted Carver


    d@mn it Chilli....tears man.