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  1. Rojellio

    The Mason's Apron

    Sounds like the setting from Bruce Gandys book 1.... with about 3 extra parts. Now about that brushing off hand sweepy bit... HTF?? I guess I am going to have to figure out how to do that.
  2. Rojellio

    Halloween Bagpiper Prop

    For some there is a superstition about the Chune, dont play it unless someone died.. OR if you must play it just because or to practice it... to do so at a graveyard. The front yard during Halloween is a defacto graveyard. Considering the A440'ish pipes and LEather bag cover... I have a tendency to go overboard. Mostly, I had my croft blaster "Hellbound Train", "Hogwarts Express" {Steam Train to Malaig}, and Angus Thing w/ thunderstruck intro. Plus some of my usual halloween mix that has Garrison Kielor, Car talk guys laughing, and whatnot over music.... most of which there are examples of on my youtube page. Rodger
  3. The Mither and Me. And yes, there is a youtube video. This is the traditional Tune for Funerals. {not the one most people ask for which was grafted onto our instrument from the British pop charts}
  4. After having a few Pastrami Cooks go well, I went ahead and did the ultimate and most obvious cut of meat. Dinosaur Bone.. Fred Flinstone.. Unsawed Off Short Rib Pastrami. It starts with a heaping cup of this rub + 1 tbsp per lb tenderquick. Smoked for about 6 hrs, rested and sliced.. Plate to left is meat between the bones, heart shaped plate is smoked Bottom Round Roast, and a few leftover Baby Back Ribs. ME with Pastrami on Stick, Alton Brown shirt and Awesome Retro Glasses. I sliced the leftovers thin, and vac-packed it later use in an SOS variant I call SOB. Strami' Bn Biscuit
  5. Rojellio

    Home Cured Pastrami

    Just thought I would share some recent cook pics. I have never been to New York, so I would have no idea what Pastrami is actually like.... whether its close or not, it tastes quite good. Here is the first Pastrami I cured, along with Corned Beef sliced out for vac-packing. You can see the color effect Tandoori spice had on the Corned Beef. Second Attempt... I have a round roast pastrami, and about 30" worth of Irish / Canadian Bacon curing in the fridge right now. The stuff the New York St. Patrick's Parade committee asked Kosher butchers for, and were given Corned Beef. _________________
  6. Rojellio


    West, but not quite 100% If you include my old timey mustache.. the Focal point mouthing all them words.. then it puts me completely over the Top and Straight up Western.
  7. Rojellio

    Us To Lift 21-Year Ban On Haggis

    I can post bacon wrapped treats all day long... Here's the latest, a Lasagna Fatty. Sausage, lasagna noodles, ricotta & mozzarella cheese, tomato paste, powdered homegrown heirloom tomato, and spices. In the next couple of days, I will be smoking home cured Pastrami and Tandoori Corned Beef.
  8. Rojellio

    Us To Lift 21-Year Ban On Haggis

    If you have ever boiled a Turkey or Chicken carcass, and separated the meat from the bones... THAT is what is in Hotdogs. The otherwise scrap meat that's left after all the prime cuts are separated. For those of you who dont like Haggis you had be dang careful when making a meatloaf to include enough Worcestershire, and spices. Failure to do so can result in a meatloaf that tastes rather like Haggis. The Big Bear Diner chain is accomplished at preparing meatloaf that's almost bang on Haggis flavored. The canned stuff from Caledonian Kitchen is quite decent, and mild flavored for America palettes. I believe they use Beef Liver & Heart, and some ground Lamb for a touch of Lamb flavor. Thier presentation kit includes a huge sausage casing. The cost of this kit is better than the cost of fed-ex shipping for a proper presentation Haggis {stuffed in stomach}. IF I ever do another presentation Haggis for a Burns supper.... I will wrap it in bacon and smoke it. Same way I do meatloaf. Which looks like this.
  9. Rojellio

    Guinness Beer

    I prefer Guinness when its poured or spritzed on one of these when its cooking.
  10. Rojellio

    Happy Chanukah!

    Happy Hanukkah!! While not Kosher by any means, considering how much pork, and bacon wrapped food has been cooked in this cooker.... But its a load of Beef. Full bottom round {the big hunk} and a sizable hunk chopped off {front right hand side by the green corned beef} And like 9 tiny corned beefs. The "Goosicle's" dripping off the roast is caramelized Guinness Stout.
  11. Rojellio

    Help This Hero!

    The HOA busy body needs to look the other way on the infraction. IMHO someone walking around, that is to say alive and with a Medal of Honor.... can get away with a lot of stuff. Most likely he is not a felon, or prone to inherent vice.. this would effect his VFW membership. Just making a wild guess that he is a VFW, or American Legion member in good standing. As far as I am concerned, he gets to erect a flag pole 3 times taller and fly a much larger flag. HOA's indeed. I will venture a guess that it is also forbidden to Organically harvest solar energy, with an awesome technology that can save 30% on your home electric bill. A clothesline, the very first item on the first HOA's forbidden list.
  12. Rojellio

    Pipes & Cigars

    I am into Cigars just a little bit. I mostly smoke Fuentes. Entry level curly Heads, the occasional Hemingway Short Story are my usual thing. Sometimes I like a nice fat torpedo. I got my seedlings started a bit late this year. I was planning to roll a few of my own. Here is the Jumbo Stalk Black Mammoth Wrapper Leaf... they didn't achieve the full 3ft leaves I was hoping for.
  13. Rojellio

    What Food Are You Thankful For?

    Isn't anyone else thankful for fin cuisine around here?? Here's another one you might not have known about, but would be plenty thankful for. To heck with the Turkey, Ham, stuffing etc. Put one of these bacon weave wrapped meatloaf's on, and call it good. Its a rolled oat style meatloaf, that keeps its loaf shape very well. For presentation purposes, the slices must be a bacon width thick. I sometimes put mashers, and mushroom soup based gravy on top {all your basic shepards pie stuff} and call it "Shepards Tart"
  14. Rojellio

    What Food Are You Thankful For?

    Like this one?? "Voyage" I call it the "Smart Tomato"
  15. Rojellio

    Turkey-Holics, Unite!

    I don't roast anything. Ovens cook too directly & efficiently for me, and there's not enough smoke. This was last weekend. In the off season, I sometimes do Turkey Cordon Bluh wrapped in bacon. And the occasional drumstick. The big loaf shaped thingie is home cured ham. Canadian Bacon like, from the pork loin. There's another 30" of that curing in the fridge for thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the In-laws Dinner. I start that day smoking ham, and maybe a full top/bottom round roast for my VFW's dinner/lunch. Or perhaps a smaller roast, that some folks might call big. Then I smoke another roast, and bring one of the hams I smoked in the morning to serving temp. And Atomic Buffalo Turds. {jalapeno, filled with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon} Some will be wrapped with my home cured butt bacon. Possibly served in a bacon Cornucopia. Saturday will be at our house, with some of my family. Turkey, Ham, and Roast Beef. Chestnut Stuffing, etc. ABT's, fried stuffing balls floating in the gravy boat... Mincemeat Pie with homemade filling, and a Suet crust. Spotted Dick / Clootie Dumpling.