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  1. jaggy thistle


    he has went up in my estimationfor wearing the kilt properly Ihave seen the unsensored picture!
  2. jaggy thistle

    How Often Do You Wear The Kilt?

    Ihave worn a kilt everyday since I retired 8years ago I do not think Iwill ever wear troo$er$ again exept for funerals Jaggy Thistle
  3. jaggy thistle

    Women And Kilts

    My wife will not come out with me unless I wear the kilt!!
  4. jaggy thistle

    Favorite Kilt For Windy Days?

    My 8 yd 16 0z Black Douglas kilt has been out in all weathers and has given no trouble!! I was not wearing a kilt in the recent 160 mph gale we had you could not stand up !!
  5. jaggy thistle

    British Car Show - Dayton Ohio

    He shoiuld tell his mother in law where to go to !!
  6. jaggy thistle

    Scottish Wedding

    Looking good the both of you !!
  7. jaggy thistle

    errors and ease of use of the forum?

    Big problem for an idiot like me is the difficulty I have in trying to post pictures why not use the browse feature that I use on other forums ?so easy !! other than that no complaints !
  8. jaggy thistle


    Two girls are shopping when one sees her husband in a flower shop oh dear she says he gets ideas when he buys me flowers I will be lying on my back all weekend with my legs in the air the other girl says have you not got a vase?
  9. Great set of pictures thanks for posting them!!
  10. jaggy thistle


    WHEN TRYING TO LOG ON MY PASSWORD WAS REJECTED SO Iwas sent another one which is 15 characters long so I need to get a shorter one that I can remember preferably my old one back how do I go about this ?
  11. jaggy thistle

    Oliver Ancient

    That is a great looking tartan . very smart kilt!!
  12. jaggy thistle

    After Midnight Lecture

    Good one !!
  13. jaggy thistle

    Tartan Hose

    these hose are excellent great fit and good quality ,just shows the mark up some shops have
  14. jaggy thistle


    TROUBLE IS I am too stupid to post pictures why can it not be as simple as posting pictures to flikr for example ?