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  1. KiltedSkeleton

    Botk, Pakistan Run, Kilt Issues

    I'm seeing the same problems that others are describing. I can wear it...barely. It doesn't look all that well though. It's very off-center and the buckles are garbage. Lost a tongue the first time I wore it.
  2. KiltedSkeleton

    the guild

    That is actually Will Wheaton from Star Trek:TNG.
  3. KiltedSkeleton

    Celtic Thunder in Portland

    They will be performing at the rose garden Nov. 12th.
  4. KiltedSkeleton

    BOTK Tartan Kilts Order Form

    This whole thing is a load of crap. Nothing like spending $110 for nothing! How about waiting for 6 months, for nothing! I pretty sure this is what you call being scammed. Everyone wave bye bye to your money. What a load of crap.
  5. KiltedSkeleton

    Help! Need a computer Wiz!

    Are you using on-board video or a Viseo card? If you seeing the Acer logo then your onboard video is fine. Just switch your monitor cable from the Video card to the motherboard.
  6. KiltedSkeleton

    Last Day

    Thanks for all the well wishes. I will do my best in whatever I choose.
  7. KiltedSkeleton

    Last Day

    Well today is my last day being employed for the foreseeable future. Been with this company for almost three years now. At the beginning of the year they announced they where closing the plant. So for the past year I've been watching coworkers leave and this place die. My turn now. Not really sure I feel about this. Nice now that it's finally over. Hesitant, in that I have nothing in place right now. I've got a goal and what I believe to be a solid plan. Just nothing solid yet. My plan is to attend school and get an engineering degree. Being a regular technician is no longer "geeky" enough for me. There's plenty of programs out that I can draw on. Just need to get the approval. I'll feel much better once I know what I'm approved for and I have the numbers in my hand. Wish me luck on my new journey.
  8. KiltedSkeleton

    Another Awesome Creation From CWK

    Good looking kilt. Gary was showing me the material when he stopped by one of my paintball games. Nice to see how it came together. Well done Gary.
  9. KiltedSkeleton

    kamoricon 09

    Glad you had a good time. Can't figure out why they decide to do that on a three day weekend. I'm sure my daughter would like to go to it but it never works out. She manages to make it to Sakuracon though. <Shrug>
  10. KiltedSkeleton

    what is the last thing you did in a kilt?

    Paintball! last 30 min game of a 3-day event. Didn't survive the whole 30 as my hopper died on me. Still had a blast though.
  11. KiltedSkeleton


    Depends on the maker. Utilikilts for example are made to be worn like a pair of jeans. Anything made to order depends on the measurements. If it fits and looks good then have at it.
  12. KiltedSkeleton

    National Defense Medal Tartan Kilt

    I can't see the pics at work. If it's the same colors as the ribbon I don't think I'd want it. McDonalds ribbon.
  13. KiltedSkeleton

    Be a fan of Alpha Kilts

    What's in it for me? Just kidding I'll do it when I get home.
  14. KiltedSkeleton

    BOTK Tartan Kilts Order Form

    Gee I think I'll wait...some more. Well I might have a nice Christmas kilt...maybe.
  15. KiltedSkeleton

    OD Green Compass