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  1. werewolves

    Stumptown Kilts

    I've seen them on a few guys in person, and the "odd" front apron looks OK to me. At the very least it's unique
  2. werewolves

    Stumptown Kilts

  3. I'm not seeing the renew option.
  4. werewolves

    Shirt I Designed On Cafepress.com

    Same for me. I'd check out Zazzle.com. Their shirts are much better, and their printing process lasts longer (in my experience). Spreadshirt is another option.
  5. werewolves

    Shirt I Designed On Cafepress.com

    I've used both Cafepress and Zazzle for many items. I have to say that Zazzle's clothing quality was much higher. It has been quite a while since I ordered from Cafepress though.
  6. I'd rather have one of these, but the are a bit pricey. Still, cool as heck! http://www.webupd8.org/2012/02/usb-stick-pc-cotton-candy-available-for.html
  7. werewolves

    Do You Remember Your First Time?

    First time was when I went to Seattle for a Metallica concert, and to pick up my first kilt from Utilikilt. Didn't get too many odd looks. I imagine that folks are used to seeing them in Seattle ;-) I even ran into another guy wearing one at the same concert.
  8. werewolves

    Free Gear Winner For 2012-01-19

    Holy cow! That's awesome, I can hardly believe it!
  9. werewolves

    Free Gear Day Today! Win A Tartan Ut Kilt!

    Ummm, post! Does that cut it ;-)
  10. werewolves

    Kiltology: The Ebook?

    This is a popular option: http://www.lulu.com/
  11. werewolves

    Scottish Wedding

    Looking good, love that style of tie with a kilt.
  12. werewolves

    It's Amadan's Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
  13. werewolves

    1St Time Kilt Buyer, Deciding On Belt.

    I would definitely go for a wider belt. I have a couple of very nice leather belts from this site http://www.copsplus.com/dutybelts.php.