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    Historical Reenactment, European Martial Arts, Mead Brewing, Leathercraft, Playing with my kids, reading Historical Fiction, Cooking.
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  1. I know it's a bit last minute but I wanted to get it posted up on here. Glasgow Highland Games It's this coming weekend (June 4-6). Dirk and Thistle Pewterworks will be in attendance for those looking for quality pewter.
  2. Madd Celt

    I was bored

    That's cool! My mother bought me a duck tape wallet one year. I'll have to send her the link to this. She'll get a kick out of it.
  3. Madd Celt

    My First Handsewn Kilt

    Top notch there Eric! Wonder if they make a kids size loom, like those easy bake ovens?
  4. Madd Celt

    Happy Birthday Madd Celt

    Thank you! Sorry for the delayed reply. Been working, wondering about work, dealing with the family and my wife recovering from her Hysterectomy. Been a serious zoo around these parts.
  5. Madd Celt

    Kilted Recyclers

    I have been saving up Capree Sun drink pouches that my kids love to send to Terra Cycle to reduce, reuse and recycle for charity. Kilted Recyclers I encourage everyone to check it out and sign up. It costs nothing to join and nothing to send in your trash!
  6. For tradition reasons mainly. Never wore a tank though so it would be a first exp for me.
  7. Madd Celt

    Members Shops

    Here is a few pics of my think tank and a killer gift I got to replace my tool boxes I used for my leather tools.
  8. Madd Celt

    get your head straight

    I used to pull on the armor, helm, shield and rattan and hit people. Nothing better! Now, since there isn't anyone to hit, I suffer. Tooling leather may be a release tho.
  9. Madd Celt

    Bleeding BLS

    I am planning on making a Black Label Society sporranto go with my BLS shirt but wanted to get some practice in. Here is the step by step. I plan on dyeing and painting it later when I have the paint.
  10. Madd Celt

    Soon to begin Project

    The wife had a gift card to Hot Topic and could not find anything she liked, so she gave it to me. Took me a bit but I decided on a Punisher wallet and belt buckle. Since I cannot wear the buckle on a belt due to dunlap disease, I decided that It will grace a flap for my interchangeable flapped sporran I will be working on soon now that things are calming down at home and I'm getting settled in. I'll post pics as I get going on it once our internet is up and running.
  11. Madd Celt


    Of course you decide to clean out your closet after I spent my tax money!!!!
  12. Madd Celt

    Still kicking around

    Just an update. We got moved into the new place. It feels much better than the old place, warmer, cosier, more room. We are without water due to the majority of the water pipes being in bad shape. Been spending the last few days working on that, turning the water on, running around to find leaks, etc. We have access to wireless net when we run into town, so I can keep up with things Sorry to hear about the new wave of lay-offs, I hope everyone has luck keeping afloat. I'm still going without my kilts... I hope to have that all fixed soon. I'm HATING p@nt$. That's all for now.
  13. Madd Celt

    T-Shirts For Kilts ?

    Killer shirts!! Will have to get a few, or 10.
  14. Madd Celt

    A Brief Pictorial History of Kilts

    You sure know how to keep people smiling!!
  15. Madd Celt

    Just sharing a photo I took

    The back side of our apt complex and one of the dumpster cages. I am working on a few more that have old houses in them, I'll post them as I get them done.