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  1. I believe that no news is good news! It works. A job well done!
  2. Spartan

    Length And Height Of Your Kilt

    Top of the knee to mid-knee, at the lowest. I'm with paulhenry on the issue of not hitting the back of the knee when walking.
  3. Spartan

    Death In My Family

    I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, and for the way that you had to find out. I'm sorry to that you have to deal with an aunt who seems to be a real piece of work. Hope that you and the rest of the family can pull together
  4. Spartan

    New In Oregon

    from down south in Arizona! Jump on in. The water's fine!
  5. Spartan

    Greetings From Los Angeles!

    aboard, Chris! Glad that you found the BotK! BTW, when you get to Phoenix, there are some good Irish pubs to check out!
  6. Johnny Fox's Public House in Peoria, Arizona --- recently opened in a building built as an Irish pub >>
  7. Spartan

    Kilted Prayer Thread...

    Consider it done!
  8. Spartan

    My Mom Passed On Yesterday

    My prayers are with you in this time of your loss. From what you wrote, I'm sure that you'll have many good memories.
  9. Spartan

    Women And Kilts

  10. Spartan

    Grettings From The Highlands Of East Tennessee

    Another from Arizona!
  11. Spartan

    Hello From Montana

    Another from Arizona! Great kilts!
  12. Spartan

    Robert Burns Dinner

  13. Spartan

    Great Question This Morning

    KT -- she didn't recognize you with your p@nt$ on?