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  1. Hi! Made it to the faire with the family- lots of shows and activities, very expensive but worth the trip(our first Ren. faire)Hopng to make the festival in Htfd. but have both girls playing soccer on that same day. I'll figure something out. P.S.- felt good wearing my kilt for the whole day. Alex

  2. Hi! will be wearing my kilt this Sat. at the King Richards Faire in Carver Ma. Will be taking the Family for fun and adventure. Alex

  3. TheBlueCow

    What was your 1st kilted experience?

    I saw a TV host from one of my favorite shows wearing a Utilikilt - I liked it. I went to the UK site, got really into the idea, then bought one. I wore it to work, to protest the dress policy change that banned the wearing of shorts despite our hot weather during the summer. I did that much without much care for what people would think. Then I found out that people thought quite a lot about it!
  4. TheBlueCow

    Kilt Wearing Ratio

    I put "Very Seldomly", unfortunately. I probably would wear kilts more often if I had properly colored accessories to coordinate them with. Right now I own a limited variety of kilts, belts, and boots and I only have one or two combinations that I like to wear. I know that the cure to my dilemma is to buy more kilts, belts, boots, and hose/socks, but I'm a poor bass turd right now. I do wish to bring my Kilting Ratio up to "most of the time", because I honestly don't do much that requires p@nt$ too regularly. Household projects, moving big objects, yard work, etc. only occur a handful of times per year for me, and most days don't involve any acrobatics or any other activities which aren't kilt friendly. Inevitably, I'd be the guy that's always prepared by carrying a change of p@nt$ with me, because I'm a spur of the moment kind of guy and just hate to miss out on things because of my choice of attire.
  5. TheBlueCow

    Great news for modern kilts Scroll down to the bottom, read the part titled "And now, a sighting from our Wholesale Department"
  6. TheBlueCow

    In everything there must be balance

    I lurk those forums, but don't really say much because of the deluge of comments "correcting" me.
  7. TheBlueCow

    In everything there must be balance

    Since Kilt Police are all heavy traditionalists, doesn't that make anyone who wears modern kilts, kilt outlaws? Personally, I only wear modern kilts. I may venture into tartan kilts, but I won't wear them traditionally. I don't really like sporrans. I don't like knee length socks as just a fashion element, but would probably wear knee or thigh length socks for warmth/practical reasons. To me, kilts really are just an alternative to p@nt$, and will be worn as such. Kilt Police view the kilt as part of an outfit. Since the traditional style of wearing a kilt was formed in the Victorian era, the "traditional" outfit is not really how the kilt was worn before then. I'd like to think that modern kilts are just the appropriately modern version of the kilt, instead of being stuck in the past. And as such, I will wear them with my other modern clothes.
  8. TheBlueCow

    Non Celt Kilt wearers

    I'm half French, and my other half is German and Danish. My German grandmother says we have some Irish through her line... but if you follow the "3 generations back" guideline, then I'd have to say that I don't have any Irish in me. You also have to take what she says with a grain of salt... so I very much doubt I can claim any Irish blood. Not that I cared about that before I bought my 5 Utilikilts
  9. TheBlueCow

    A work kilt vs a kilt made to look like a work kilt

    A work kilt is something you're PLANNING on getting dirty and put in danger of ruining it. It's probably going to have oil stains, dirt, and maybe small holes and rips every once in awhile - a high quality product will be more resistant to these types of wear and tear and the wearer of it would probably choose to mend it over and over again rather than get a kilt for a fraction of the cost and ruin it until it's unusable and have to go and purchase another one... which is going to end up being way more expensive than a high quality product that cost more to begin with, but will last far longer.
  10. TheBlueCow

    Google Chrome - anybody tried it?

    Yeah, but Firefox is memory hungry too (especially if you add any extensions). But, I still use Firefox, and yes, it gets slowww because I leave tabs open (currently 20!), but because Chrome doesn't have some features I want, I don't really use it. It's just like the Opera browser, it has a lot of great features but it just isn't something I'd use day-to-day. But you gotta try it before you knock it. I haven't really heard any reason not to use Chrome.
  11. TheBlueCow


    :lol: "Luke, I am your gardener."
  12. TheBlueCow

    And then the fight started...

    Seen it before and it's still funny! :laughing:
  13. TheBlueCow

    get your head straight

    I go on a yearly trip with family to VT and get some hiking, kayaking, swimming and good ol' nature stuff done with my family and some friends that I only see there... and that seems to refresh me but it's not enough IMO. I also "meditate" (read: think a lot) and try to keep in mind what I need to do next in order to improve and be happy with myself and just go one step at a time - and that helps to not clutter it up so bad. I don't really have anything that I can do to just "get away from it all" and center myself - but boy do I need it! I'm thinking of just starting to go on a daily run, exercising alone usually helps gives me some time to clear my head a bit.
  14. TheBlueCow

    Back in my p@nts days.......

    Unfortunately home is with the parents - and the acceptance of the kilt at home is somewhat low. So it doesn't make an appearance very often (but I'm starting to get sick of that now that it's warm weather again - so who knows?). So it's p@nt$ for now, either cargo or lounge/pj's.
  15. TheBlueCow

    Does anyone else have a Taxover?

    Did mine a couple weeks ago on - and got a good chunk o' change back too