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New Kilts for Troops

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The Needle Pimp is offering his services for the Kilts for Troops effort!

Many folks have asked how they can help support our troops, either through a care package donation or kilts.

Here is the best way I can find.

I have stacks of "Kilts for Troops" stickers, and they need to be put to use. For every 45 sold, we can provide a kilt to a soldier somewhere.

here is the link:

I will update the kilts for troops page with a counter to see how many we have sold.

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Would NeoKilts still do the embroidery on these? They can add a label if they wanted to, the more the merrier.

Might be a neat idea if we could involve as many kilt makers as we can on each one.

Oh, d@mn......BRAINSTORM.

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