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Carhartt Work Kilt For Sale

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Well, I've officially hit Christmas money desperation mode. It looks like I am going to have to part with a couple of kilts.

First up is this caramel colored work kilt made from Carhartt material.


This is the heaviest, most stout kilt I have ever seen. It has reinforced stitching and heavy duty bar tacs at every conceivable stress point, It has all the water and stain resistant properties of all Carhartt products. It also has several VERY large belt loops that are reinforced to accommodate a tool belt that is up to 4 1/2" wide. There are two extra loops sewn on the inside of the waist band that can be flipped out to hold more tools such as a hammer or cordless drill. Here is a pic of the back side:


It is a box pleat (as you can see) and all of the pleats have been sewn in for easy care.

It also comes with this over apron to protect it from damage in the workshop featuring two large pockets for tools:


Here is a pic with the kilt and the apron together:


Probably the best feature of this kilt is the adjustable sizing. It is a two belt system with an inner belt that is anchored with elastic. Here is a pic of the inner belt:


The median waist size is 38" however, it can go up to 42" or down to 34" with the apron still nice and centered. Once you go past about 4" of adjustment in either direction the apron starts get off center. It does not have a great deal of taper to it, so if you flare at the hips more than a few inches, and you are at the top end of the size adjustment for the waist, it may be a little snug in the backside. The length is an even 22". I am a little over 6" tall, but I like to wear my kilts lower on the waist like a pair of jeans.

I need $100 to cover the cost of my Christmas obligations, so I am offering this at a very low price. This is a one of a kind kilt at an amazingly low price. You would be hard pressed to even be able to buy the material to make a kilt like this for $100. I will even cover the cost of shipping inside the US.

Thanks for looking,


BTW, this kilt is new and has NEVER been worn.

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That a Dreadbelly product?

Yup. It was about a nine month ordeal to get this kilt, but the workmanship on it is pretty amazing. Not sure if he is still making kilts. I doubt it was cost effective with all the materials and construction that went in to these.

If anyone wants to buy both of these kilts together, I will sell them for $80 each shipping included.

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