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Tartan Flashes - Courtesy Sho

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As some may know, I recently purchased an 8 yard PV kilt from Josh at Skye Highland Outfitters. You can see the kilt here:

When I first ordered, I told Josh that I would like to have some extra material for some DIY self projects, one of them being tartan flashes. To my surprise, he told me he would be happy to send anything that was left over. Since many kilt makers charge for tartan flashes, I was surprised he was willing to give me the extra tartan. So, a few weeks ago when I received my beautiful kilt, along with it was a nice strip of tartan PV fabric. It was not very big; however, it was big enough for what I needed.

Without going into too much detail, these are the materials with the costs:

Tartan fabric: FREE! Came with the kilt (Thanks Josh!).

1/2 yard fusible interfacing: $1.99

I cut the fusible interfacing to the size I wanted. It ironed on very easily to the fabric. I cut the shape out that I wanted, sewed them with a loop on the end and I was done. Took about 30-45 minutes.

I figured Josh saved me about 30 dollars by allowing me to make my own. I believe that is the price most kilt makers charge for tartan flashes. 189.00 dollar 8 yard kilt with free flashes! What a deal! Here is the final pic:


If you have not considered buying your next PV kilt from SHO, I would start now!

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