Kilt Hose From Old Wool Sweaters

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Here's a crazy idea:

How about sewing hose from old wool sweaters?

I really would like a pair of argyle hose, but after reading a few knitting blogs, it takes a lot of time and patience to knit a single pair. I don't knit, and I'm not brave enough to suggest that my wife learn to knit hose (she's just moved from scarves to round hats!), and I've too much Scots blood to consider paying $150 for a pair of custom kilt hose in a tartan pattern.

So....I hit Goodwill and looked at sweaters. The lower cuff would make a fine kilt hose upper cuff, and the patterned chest would make a nice hose leg. The back of most sweaters is not patterned, but would still make nice solid-color hose. The arms would make yet another pair. Three pairs of hose from a single sweater. :D

I then did some googling and realized it wasn't a new idea. DIY crafters have been doing this a lot. Search under "repurpose sweater socks". Maybe just a new idea to kilters!


Off to the other thrift stores to find some sweaters. Goodwill wanted $10/ea. :lol:

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That sounds like a good idea on how to recycle sweaters and I would think if you could find them at Goodwill or other thrift stores, it would be cheap too.

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Wow, Salvation Army had a lot of acrylic and cotton, and not very much wool!

Checked Men's, Women's, Women's Cardigans and Juniors.

I didn't find a single argyle! :lol:

Most likely a Men's or XL women's is going to be necessary for length.

I came home with a nice 50/50 wool/acrylic light navy blue cardigan. Should get 3 pairs out of it for $3.75.

Up for trades if anyone else decides to take on this project and wants some of this color!!

I'll post pics after Christmas. Heck, maybe tonight if I get all packed. :lol:

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Two ways I saw to do this:

1: Tube Socks--bunch up over your ankle.


2: Seam down the back of the leg, through the heel, and under the middle of your foot. Bump for your heel. less bunching over your ankle.


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Wow, this was easy. I'll do a dozen of these!

Navy British cardigan sweater


Somehow I missed the pic of me patterning them. I stuck my leg in the arm of the sweater and "pinched" it snug but not tight behind my leg, around my heel, and under my foot. I just stuck a pin through the top layer to mark the pinch so it wouldn't tear the knit or poke me when I pulled my leg out. I cut to the pin line after I took my leg out.

:lol: No doubt this is the part where most people will want to have seen pictures!

Cutting the first pair out of the arms. Cuffs just a tad tight, but good for a start.


Cut out:



I straight stitched twice with a 1/4" seam allowance. Material was thick enough that I was closer to 3/16".

Cutting to the pin line, then subtracting that seam allowance made for a perfect fit.

Then zig-zagged edges:






I'm 6'-6" and these are just barely long enough with my size 14's and looong legs. I need about 18" from the floor to above my calf.

I'll probably have to keep the garters tied pretty tight to keep them right up.

Still, other than the seam under my heel, these are absolutely the most comfortable socks I've ever worn! Fit is perfect!

Front of sweater will be a tad small for me. Anyone under 6' with less than size 10's and thinner calves want the material free to try?

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those are SWEET! Very well done!

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Love this idea-- my wife is always looking for new "crafty" ideas, this sounds right up her ally.

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Fantastic. My wife knits, so maybe I can get her to make me some.

Very good idea. Thanks for sharing.

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