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Chainmaille Sleeves

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So a friend of mine has a highwayman's coat that he picked up from the Texas Renaissance Festival. The coat has buttons from the waist all the way up to the end of the lapels (or some such thing), and it closes up right above his nose like the highwayman's coats in Fable. The sleeves are also detachable so in cooler weather he can remove those and still look badass in his jacket. He asked me to make him sleeves that he could attach to his jacket so this is what I came up with. The rings are 16G 1/4" black SS, two patterns were used, e4-1, and an interwoven 4-1 variant for the edging and the diamond design borders (I can't find the link on M.A.I.L. right now). The leather strip was cut, edged and dyed by me, eyelets were put into place, and once I had the sleves done I used Leather lacing to braid the chainmaille to the leather strip. The sleeves attach to the jacket shoelace style and it holds them up pretty well. You can't really see the other sleeve in the pictures, I'm still waiting for him to send me some pics of him at the Sherwood Forest Faire, but there are two sleeves.

Here is the unfinished product.


And another.


And a couple of horrible shots of my friend wearing the whole thing.





I'm currently working on about 50 bazillion projects along with work and school but hopefully I will have a functional sporran finished soon, complete with sporran straps.

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I'm impressed.

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