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More Scrollsaw Projects

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I've been in a blah mood so havent been carving ( though today I did start carving a piece ). But I have made a few more Scrollsaw projects ( btw if anyone is intersted in any of this stuff let me know lol would help fund the Wood and Scrollsaw blade fund to keep me :) working ).


Made this small little box after my last project trying to do a dovetail lid worked pretty good


Made another bowl like the first one


Made another jewelery box and since someone mentioned they look like airstream trailers I painted his one Silver. This is for sale for $25 Plus shipping if anyone is interested.

Made this coffin box. If I make anymore of these they will not be angled on the inside they will be straight up and down due to having a lot of issues when making it.


Made this star box. The Star is actually cut out of the lid and then I used Colored Resin and poured it into the cut out sections.


Made this piece last night. I have since cleaned up the fuzzies and also the spot where the hole is for the pendant. This piece is 1 7/8 tall by 1 1/4 wide to show you how small it is.

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