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Maroon Celtic Warrior Kilts mini kilt. Brand new. 30 inch measured waist and 16 inch length. $60 obo

Navy digicamo Celtic warrior kilt with removable sporran and cargo pockets. 50 inch measured waist and 23 inch length. Hk snap/ key snap. Brass hardware. Lightly used. $100 obo

Brown steampunk world map insert Celtic warrior kilt. Comes with removable sporran with added pocket watch pocket. 50 inch measured waist 23 inch length lightly used.$100 obo

White Celtic warrior kilt. With design stripe down front apron. Knife pleats. Worn once for a wedding. 50 inch measured waist. 23 inch length. $70 obo

Purple Celtic Warrior Kilt. Detachable sporran and cargo pockets brass hardware. Hk snap/ key snap 52 inch measured waist 23 inch length lightly used. $100 obo

Text me for pictures 5419746219

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