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It looks like I might be heading back you into an office environment so I'm looking for some exclamation/ discussion about how my fellow kiltiies have their office's Dress Code.  In this specific position its "Business Casual," so more opportunities for polo shirts instead of button-ups.  I guess that's good because I can save plans for my khakisI can save plaids for my khakis, but what goes best with the Kilts, Oxford.

Specific photo examples please!

KT. How did you wrangles that when you and I worked together?  Kilts are certainly not address directly in the policy.

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I wore my kilt every day for 6 years or so, 5 years of that was at a place I worked. At the place I worked it was also Business Casual people would show up from t-shirts and jeans to suits depending on the person but most would fall somewhere between most normally wearing khakis and a polo or dress shirt, normally without a tie. Below are a few photos from back then:







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