Pin for the Royal Naval Association Tartan

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When I first got my Royal Naval Association kilt in honour of my Uncle McMurdo (Murdy) I wanted to get a Scottish Agate Anchor Pin. The problem has been that everyone I've seen on eBay has gone over hundreds of dollars completely out of my budget. Recently I decided to look on a different vintage site and found one suitable at a reasonable price. My only problem now was that the seller would only ship to the United States. I was lucky in that another member of xmarks graciously agreed to ship it to Canada for me. Now that I have the pin in place I will take a trip up to Uncle Murdy's final resting place.  Thanks to Kilted Cole for all his help, it means the world to me. Without further ado from me, here are the photos.



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That's stunning!! As a member of the RNR, I feel I need something like this in my life!!

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