Kilted Chronicle 1: Taking The Plunge

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Why do we wear p@nt$?

That is a question for which I have no answer.  And that is why I decided to take the plunge.


Of course, there were all the highlanders whom I knew in the Canadian army.  Many were not Scottish, but were nonetheless proud to wear a kilt.  The highlanders commanded the most attention on the parade square, every time.  Of course a band full of pipes blaring at 120db each helps to get you noticed as well.


However, I am not Scottish (gasp) nor have I ever been in a highland regiment (almost).  Being Canadian, tartan patterns are nothing new to me.  I can identify the tartan patterns of my province, the Maple Leaf national tartan, and even some of the more popular ones like Black Watch.  But being familiar with and heavily influenced by Scottish-Canadian culture is not a sufficient reason for some random Canadian with no Scotch or Irish background to go galavanting in a kilt.


So you still ask why.  Let's dig a little deeper... 


Throughout my life, I have been quite active.  In the outdoors and in the gym.  Through all these activities, I've had to deal with the issue of discomfort caused by the seams of various p@nt$.  When moving, the seam can be pulled tight, like a strangulation cord around your more sensitive areas.


Then one day it hit me:  Kilts don't have seams that lower your testosterone.  Indeed, there were studies that found the wearing of kilts to be likely to produce higher levels of fertility in men.  Of course, that could be due to the fact that many more women were now approaching them because they were wearing kilts!


So I took the plunge.


I have not yet worn any kilt.  I ordered an entry level kilt that looked appropriate for some experimentation in the area of weight lifting.  In particular, the deadlift and the squat.  Right now I am in the extreme contemplation zone.  The time between the moment of decision and the moment of action.  On the day the kilt arrives, I will probably inspect it, make sure it fits, and then try to do my next work out with it.

In this period of contemplation there are questions:

Will this thing fit?

Will I look foolish?

Will the kilt live up to expectations?

Even worse, what will happen to me when I put on the kilt?  Will I become a different person?  Will I be forever changed, converted to a kiltie?  Or will I throw it down in disappointment?


If you're interested, I'll be back next week with my answer.



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People will always judge. Screw them. Humans put too much stock in what other's think. See this:


It's a disease that many suffer from. Be Strong, Put A Kilt On. 

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Welcome and enjoy the difference. People judge. Always have and always will. There's nothing bad about it. We all do it so there is no point worrying about it. Most folks I meet while kilted say nothing or give compliments. 


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Live YOUR life. You will be happier ,have better friends and be mor confident if you just be yourself and do what is right for you. Basically , em

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