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Brotherhood of the Kilt - www.KiltsRock.com Order of the Gael - Kilt Kit Paul Henry Kilts Scotweb


Each of the following merchants has proven to the Brotherhood that not only do they offer quality products, they are honest in their business dealings and are easy to work with.

I personally recommend all of the merchants below.

Registered members of the Brotherhood of the Kilt receive 10% off all purchased from the following merchants, listed in random order:

(if you want to become a merchant, check at the bottom of the page)

Artificer Customer Sporrans

Order of the Gael - Kilt Kit


Dunadd Trading Company

Lady Chrystel Double Box Pleated Kilts

Wyvern Leather Works - www.wyvernleatherworks.com

Bilt Kilt


Scottish Teabag Society

Alt.Kilt - Custom Urbanwear Kilts

Kasey Dwyer Design


Kilt and Thistle Scottish Shoppe

The Kilted Nation

Burnett's & Struth Scottish Regalia Ltd.



Stumptown Kilts

Dirk and Thistle Pewterworks

Designs By Des - Custom Chainmaille Creations

Drouillard Knives

S Kilt


Highland Moon Quality Scottish Products

From The Limb Woodcarving

Needle Pimp

Paul Henry Kilts

Tyger Forge

Sgians by Raptor

Oconee Leather Works - Fine celtic leather products

Here are the requirements for being an
Official Merchant of the Brotherhood of the Kilt

what you get:

1. Your logo with link added to the random ad rotator which shows on every page
2. Your own section within the forum to promote any of your wares
3. Your logo and link will be added to both the merchant and membership pages.
4. Your logo added to Brotherhood of the Kilt marketing materials distributed at scottish games/festivals around the world.
(If you do not have a website or logo, we can help with that as well)

What I ask:

1. Offer 10% discount to paid members of the brotherhood of the Kilt. This can be verified at kiltsrock.com with the members registration number.
2. Be honest with the customer in all your dealings. I stand behind all my merchants, and refuse to sponsor any merchant who is dishonest with or lies to customers, or is just a pain to deal with.
3. Place a Brotherhood of the Kilt logo/link on your website.

If that sounds like something you want to do, please log into the forum and sent a PM to KT.


If you want to become a member of what is becoming the largest kilted organization on the planet and get 10% off purchases from all the merchants listed here, head over the shop and get yourself either an annual or lifetime membership, whichever you please. Here is a link:
click here for Membership options at the Brotherhood of the Kilt shop


Kevin Thompson,
The Brotherhood of the Kilt


Still have questions?
Visit our forum and talk to some of the current members!


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