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    The Brotherhood of the Kilt is a global co-ed organization dedicated to the kilt and the people who wear it. We strive to positively impact the affordability and variety of kilted products available by providing an open venue for small and large Celtic or kilted businesses to promote their products and services. We also endeavor to educate the global community about the history of the kilt and its impact on people and cultures around the world. Utilizing online forums, live discussions, kilted social events and growing merchant support, The Brotherhood promotes the modern use, appearance and image of the kilt regardless of type and style to further its worldwide acceptance.

    It is our belief that you do not need be Celtic to wear the kilt, you just need the courage to put it on!

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    • By KT in KT The Kiltman
      When looking at a sgain dubh, I highly suggest you save your hard-earned money and buy a quality sgain made by a reputable blade smith.  If you are formally dressed, don't cheap out on a piece of mass-produced junk!  You wouldn't wear a knock-off cheapie sporran with your hand-sewn heirloom-quality kilt, would you?
      I have been lucky in my sgains, having them made by many amazing blade smiths. 
      My prized sgain is a custom-made blade from Sgains by Raptor. It is made of Red Ironbark which required special permits to obtain and a hand-made blade.  I'm told the tree was about 2,000 years old.  it is easily my favorite of all sgains I've ever had.  It does not see much use as I know I can never replace it.  It is just that amazing.

      Second in the image is a Damascus style blade, also by Raptor.  It also has the heft and beauty of design as the blade previously described, and is #37.  I love the simplicity of design which masks the strength of this blade.
      I do not recall who sent me the 3rd sgain, but it bears mention as the antler handle has petrified mammoth tusk as the blade.  Another amazing sgain, but the blade is a little fragile so I rarely use this one.
      I have a few others, which I have not pictured as you can find cheap sgains all over the web, and I'll not get into those.  Hope fully these examples of superior workmanship will help you see the value and beauty of a well-made sgain!
      Please share with others so they can see the beauty of a well made sgain!

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