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Adventures in rebirth





A whole long time ago, I figured it would be great to wear a kilt.


Not long after that, I built a place where kilted folks can go to talk about almost anything, and wear the kilt as they want.


That was more than 10 years ago now.


As I work to bring this great Brotherhood into the modern era of technology, I find myself wishing I had something to bang my head against.  The number of things that can and have cause me a headache are innumerable.  It is like trying to push a rope uphill.


On the upside, I am sitting here in my Brotherhood of the Kilt tartan kilt from Got Kilt, knowing that I will get this crazy finished.


I am also looking to add a great many features to the site, including blogging and areas for clans / societies / festivals who do not currently have their own site.


All these things will come soon.


Be Strong.

Put a Kilt On.




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17 minutes ago, Angela Bodine said:

Hi ! Only been wearing my handmade wool kilts for about 3 yrs . I love your sites. Glad u did all this  ..Angie


THANK YOU!!  hope you can help spread the word!




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