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As I played around with a photo for my blog banner I asked myself what I wanted to project about myself. In doing genealogical work I discovered my maternal grandmother's clan motto, REVIRESCO, meant "I grow strong again." I found that fitting as a Wounded Warrior Alumni. Thankfully I still have all of my appendages, though I was pretty well knocked around on more than one occasion and had a few surgeries along the way.


I could have used a MacEwan's beer label to represent my fondness for the nector of the gods, a panorama of the Georgia property, or even a US Army banner. I went with the clan motto as it seems to sum up a lot about me. The struggle to physically be able to do things I used to be able to do, the strengthening of family ties through the family property, or even my ability to have more than 2 beers in one sitting...though I'll never funnel like I use to.

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that is one of the cornerstone beliefs of the brotherhood, to help each other grow and prosper.  excellent blog as always.

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