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Kilt Owner, and Yet Unkilted



This one is for the one's who have bought a kilt, but have yet to step up and step out into the world. Maybe you picked up that kilt at a renaissance faire or a highland games, so you would blend in or so you could be part of the crowd, and you plan on wearing it again when you go back. Meanwhile you have a kilt hanging in the closet begging to be worn, to be seen, why pay over the top festival prices for a kilt that will be worn once a year?
The time has come for you to enjoy your investment ane put that kilt on and introduce the world to your kilted self. What's the worst that can happen? Somebody you don't know comes and talks to, you get awked a few embarrassing questions, or nobody really seems to care. In any of those situations you are not going to be any worse for wear.
Make the look yours, wear you favorite boots or shoes, flip flops even work or say screw it and go barefoot. However you wear it doesn't matter really, as long as the pleats are in the back, what is important is that you wear it. Be confident, be bold, be kilted!
Once you have worn the kilt a couple of times you feel more confident in it  and you can really start coming out of your shell.
My first time stepping out in a kilt, other than at highland games, was my senior prom! I tossed myself in the fire, people know how mean, rude, or judgmental high schoolers can be  and that's where I chose to come out as a kiltie to the world. To my surprise and delight I never heard one negative comment, at least not to my face.
You have to make the decision to not care what everyone else is going to think about you. You don't have to brave or daring you need to be bold and unfazed by the world.
 You already took the first step and purchased a kilt, now don't let it sit around for eleven months just waiting for next years faire put it on and take the world by storm.
Kilt up and be a true brother of the brotherhood.


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