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  3. Bath salts? Do they still sell that? Or do they have a more potent "solution" nowadays? By the way, just in case anyone here owns an ATV, my cousin Drew is offering up a few atv tires. Feel free to chat me up for more info.
  4. WAHOOOO!!!!!!! let's see that tartan!
  5. FYI - Monday - April 6 2020 unless you are across the date line is "National Tartan Day" is in the USA. You don't have to be Scottish; Irish; a member of a clan or fraternity or even a resident of the USA to celebrate this not so promoted 'Holiday' of sorts. So you missed St. Pat's day - here is another day to celebrate and you don't have to wear the obligatory 'Green' or even be green with envy. Just get out and about and have a good time and it is a good excuse to wear that tartan man's skirt ! Remember to keep your spacing and mask up if necessary - don't sport a virus !
  6. I’m trying to get a pattern, I’m looking to make me laddy a new kilt. I’m struggling to find any. Thar no store’s open, due to the Coronavirus quarantine shutdown in my town. Can you help me please.
  7. what tartan pattern is using of large kilt?
  8. What about maclaren tartan available on utkilts
  9. First: Welcome, from a fellow Pennsylvanian! (South-Central) Regarding your kilt inquiry, I would suggest contacting Rocky R. at USA Kilts (also from PA). They are wonderful people, and his team can definitely help you.
  10. Hello I'm Bryon and I'm new here. Don't yet have a kilt but I'm trying. Got to find a maker who has a shorter length as I'm only 5'7" and the standard 24" I think is going to be way long below my knees. Looking forward to starting the kilted life.
  11. I am a proud Scot with bloodline of clan MacEwan. Lineage of MacEwan go all the way back to 1707 with James MacEwan married Isabella Stewart and before him my family traces back to 1600 with Chief David MacGregor Glenn, Scotland . Our MacEwans came to Pennsylvania in 1755. I have a 5 generation pedigree print out of my family. I have always cherished my Scottish roots. Love this new info you have shared. Willing to share any info I have you may be interested in. "REVIRESCO"!!!!
  12. I can't get to a Burn's night this year. what are you getting up to?
  13. Greetings all. This is an old thread but I would like any new, valid information that is available. I am descended from John Muir (not the famous naturalist, but another John) who emigrated to northwest Ohio USA on September 15, 1832. John, my GGGG grandfather, was born in Carnwath Parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland in 1777. As you can see, the family kept detailed records and they always recognized clan Gordon as our clan, being that Muir was a sept. Now I see internet "talk" contrary to that. Given that my family has VERY detailed records, I must accept that my Muir clan is a Gordon sept. Unless and until a bona fide new Muir chief appears, I believe that Muir can be a sept of different clans depending on what allegiances your ancestors made long ago. I am open to fact based discussion on this, of course, but not opinions based on preferences or prejudices. . Bide and Fecht. TNB
  14. Traditionally the handles were made of black bog wood. Hens the name sgian (knife) dubh (black)
  15. last september i whent for the fist time to my scottish(well more celtic) event i whent as a representant of my clan (clan Macleod), i had alot of fun and liked to go there next year ill go once again i'm sure (but will try to have more money so i can enjoye the launch meal ) here a picture of me in my macleod of lewis with the head of my society in my area he is wearing his personal (registred) tartan
  16. Here is the group shot of the first Tartan Tuesday of the new decade, it was wonderful to catch up after the hectic holiday season.
  17. We don't refer to them as "promises". They are "unfufillable declarations".
  18. Toyed with buying a kilt for years, finally took the plunge and did it. Started with a handful of utility kilts but decided I enjoyed traditional ones do much more.
  19. Windowless VW van and promises....and 11 yrs later here we are. I actually do no wear a kilt and have not been able to entice anyone in my family to do so. The BoTK members still took me in and truly became brothers & sisters of the heart.
  20. Where do I begin? According to the prophecy, I showed up on the BotK doorstep, somewhere around early 2008(?). The olde constituents invited me in, and gave me a dram to warm me up. They soon determined I was an odd creature, of indeterminate origin... yet they found my kilted attire to be of a kindred nature. After that it was a blur of sarcasm, whiskey, unnecessary forum posts, loud pipe music, and (aside from that one transgression involving a slip-n-slide + cattle prod + case of mineral oil, and a nun's habit) all good-spirited fun. That about sums it up... if you want to know more, you can use the forum search feature (or, for the more adventurous, my proctologist's reports are available, for a token price)
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